100g BUZZ Beehive Beekeeping Gimp pins / Frame nails simonthebeekeeper

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  • * Black steel with flat head
  • * Best value
  • * Strong shaft

100g BUZZ Beehive Beekeeping Gimp pins / Frame nails Used for assembling pretty much all Beehive frames including National, Manley, Langstroth, Commercial etc. Super and Brood frames. Features: * Black steel with flat head * Strong shaft Quantity guide (Based on 8 pins to each frame): * 100g for 50 frames. * 500g for 250 frames. * 2kg for 1000 frames. If you have any queries regarding this product, please feel free to contact our Sales/Packaging dept. FULL SATISFACTION OR REFUND OF COURSE Selling beekeeping equipment at affordable prices !! Simon the Beekeeper VAT number 195409676

Customer reviews(8)

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19 May 2017
These are just the ones you need to construct the frames without splitting the wood if you purchase frames without pins included
30 July 2018
Very pleased from start to finish.
10 November 2017
Whats to say? They are gimp pins! I needed them. They arrived on time and through my letter box. I am happy.
Loraine Stevens
9 April 2018
Cant do without them. Good quality and good service.
Andy 'The Captain' Brown
1 July 2017
Gimp Pins - How Excited Can One Get? They arrived, they worked. Thank you.
jeni m
3 March 2018
Just what we needed
ian brewer
7 May 2018
E. P. Mclaughlin
11 April 2018
They go in wood

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