250 g. Gray FlexiSMART 1.75 mm Flexible filament TPU for 3D Printer - Flexible filament for 3D printing - TPE filament, TPU filament, elastic filament FFFworld FLEXISMART_250G_1.75MM_GREY

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Colour Name:Black

:1 kg. / 1.75 mm

  • Polyurethane-based flexible filament (TPE-U) for FFF/FDM 3d printing. Shore hardness 88A.
  • Designed to be easy to use, avoid clogging and be compatible with most direct extrusion printers. Incompatible with Bowden extrusion printers of 1.75mm and compatible with some models of Bowden 2.85 / 3mm printers (contact us to confirm).
  • Great elasticity. High resistance to wear and impact.
  • Excellent adherence that enables to print without heated-bed.
  • Documentation and detailed use instructions available.

Customer reviews(50)

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Alan King
1 November 2016
Information is a little limited on this filament unless you can read spanish but essentially a TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) material.

But to mention that I did have to add a small adaption to my Makerbot Replicator 2, by adding a small piece of thin walled plastic pipe to cover the hot end securing screw (in between the hob drive and the start of the hot end assembly) which allowed a piece of 2mm bowden tube to be inserted into it. I then trimmed the end of the bowden tube to match the profile of the hob drive diameter (as best as I could). This adaption was to improve the guiding of the filament into the hotend as like all flexible filaments they need encouragment to get pushed through small holes without buckling or wrapping around the hob gear!...I have to say that I was amazed to have this material printing on a Makerbot Replicator 2 (with added heatbed).

In my setup using the heated bed (at 50 deg) gave me more confidence to use the filament but the manufacturer does state that this is not necessary and it can be printed on an unheated or untreated surface. Quality was excellent with just a few strings attached to the part after printing. Extruder temp was 220 deg and printing at 25-30 mm/sec. Layer height 0.2mm with a 0.8mm retraction. FlexiSMART has around a 80-90 shore rating from my estimation which can be a little hard for some items, but again this will need time and testing to discover the best combinations for different projects.

The manufacturer does claim that this will work in most direct drive printers but as like anything in 3D printing you need to prove the
claims...I'm happy to say that with a small alteration I have now the capability of using flexible filament (I tried Ninjaflex without success) in the Replicator at last so I am very happy and can recommend FlexiSMART as a consequence.

So I can highly recommend FlexiSMART
Sarah Slater
29 May 2017
I bought this to begin experimenting with printing fingers and hands out of a combination of PLA and a flexible filament, in this case TPE.

The Filament/reel
The filament is on a very small reel, measuring just 100mm in diameter by around 56/57 mm deep (it kinda has a ridge on the reel)
Centre hole is a very small 16.8 mm.
I generally found the TPE measured at 1.67mm so be warned.

I don't have a flexion extruder, so simply printed on my Dreeml 3D40 using the stock head.
No heated bed.
The filament was tricky to feed in, had to try a few times :(

As can be seen from the image included, it took a few tries and many changes to get to a stage where I can get it to print.

Settings I used
190 degrees C
Build Speed 30 mm/s
Travel Speed 40mm/s
Shells 4
Layer Height 0.1

I will continue trying.

With my basic Dremel software, I have limited control at this point, but will try again over the coming week using Autodesk Print Studio (It stopped working with Windows Creator Edition, a known problem)

The final print is a lovely flexible material.

Any questions, let me know, hope the images help, will put some more up as I work with it more.

Kindle Customer
30 October 2016
Got this for printing tyres for my OpenRC-F1 car, does a great job. I printed it with the same settings as PLA, with a wall thickness of 0.8mm - it came out really well printed, no clogging problems. the tyre ended up slightly too soft, but that was a test print to see what this stuff was like, as I haven't used it before. I'm going to do the tyres again with a 2mm wall thickness, I'm sure they will be great!
23 December 2017
Used this to print tyres for the Open RC F1 project car. Very pleased. First tyre was very hard so reduced the infill to 10% still a little hard but OK, should be able to go lower. Printed on a BQ Hephestos 2 which has a direct drive (not bowden) extruder designed for flexible filament, used the same setting as standard PLA and it printed great.
Mr. M. Lyne
17 June 2018
A little expensive but I do love the results. Even using a Bowden system, Ender 3, it worked well after some fiddling. Turn off retraction and 30/40 mm/s and it printed like a dream. Almost invisible side layers, used a very low infill that was horizontal and it gives a great stiffness in that axis but it's study and squishy in the others.
21 July 2018
Wasn't expecting this to work as I haven't been able to get any flexible filaments working on my stock CR-10S. Works great though, I didn't get sent any guides or profiles though which is disappointing. I'm printing it really slow, 20mm/s.

Need to do some more testing but I will be trying more for sure.
17 June 2018
This filament is easy to use but it will be a lot of string and blobs to clean up before you use the printed object. Flexibility is almost like Ninjaflex and it works fine with my Gopro Hero5 session on my quads. I'm happy with it. My printer Wanhao Duplicator i3 plus is upgrade with Micro Swiss every thing around extruder and Smothers but newer got the perfect print with FlexiSmart like Pla but close enough to make me happy. I got a usable print in first try! That's not bad at all! Color?? Red? More like orange/red in my eyes but it still worth to give this filament a try.
9 June 2018
This filament is excellent. I’d go so far as to say it’s better than Ninjaflex. I’m printing it with my Wanhao Duplicator i3 and the quality is fantastic. Couldn’t be more pleased.

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