3D Printer Filament 1.75mm PLA Filament Black 3D Printing Filament PLA Plus 2.2 LBS ( 1 KG ) Spool 3D Filament for 3D Printers & 3D Pens , Low Odor , Dimensional Accuracy +/- 0.02 mm-Colorfish

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Colour Name:Black

  • 【PLA 3D Printer Filament Non-toxic, safer for children】: pla filament 1.75mm is non-toxic, has no odor, and is safer for children. 3D printed models can be safely played by children.
  • 【1.75 MM 3D Printer Filament】: Universal compatible with most 1.75 mm 3D pens and printers (size accuracy +/- 0.02 mm). No matter which 3D printer you use, the consistent round diameter provides the best flow for the extruder nozzles and low warpage, allowing you to print the best model.
  • 【3D Printer Filaments With Good Packaging 】: Some 3D printed materials may be adversely affected by moisture, so this is why the Colorfish 3D printer filaments are packaged with a desiccant pack. This way, you can easily keep the 3D printer filament in optimal storage and free of dust or dirt before opening the package.
  • 【More 3D Printer Filaments Color Choices】: Colorfish has 3D printer filaments in white, black, yellow, blue, red, purple, etc., which can be used for your 3D art masterpieces. A beautiful gift for your children and art lovers, so you can craft and paint.
  • 【Perfect after-sales service】: 2 year warranty period. 2-year 100% money back guarantee. Reply within 24 hours. Promise to provide a bill if you need it.

Colorfish is an international company dedicated to providing high quality D printer filaments.
The D printer filament is very popular around the world and is widely used in home, education and product development.
More details about the Colorfish D printer filament are as follows:
�PLA .7mm D printer filament advantage�:
. PLA filament is non-toxic, has no odor, and is safer for children. Children can safely play D printed models.
, PLA .7mm D printer filament low warp, so you can print the best model.
�Product �:
.7 mm diameter, +/- 0.0 mm tolerance
7 - 8 degrees Fahrenheit / 0 - 0 degrees Celsius to print TEMP
0 -00 mm / s print speed
No need to platform TEMP or adjust according to D printer
The net weight of the coil is .98 lbs (0.9 kg)
Shipping weight .lbs (kg)
�D printer filament storage tips�:
. Since PLA materials are made of biodegradable materials, they are susceptible to moisture.
We recommend storing the filaments in a sealed plastic bag or box after each print.
. In extreme cases where the filament is wet, you can bake in an oven at 0 degrees Celsius for about an hour to restore dryness.
Reminder: After each use of the D printer filament?
Be sure to insert the free end of the filament into the hole to avoid the filaments being entangled for the next use.
�D printer filament compatibility�:
Compatible with any D printer that uses a .7mm diameter filament, including some models for your reference:
Prusa - Prusa Research - AirWolf - Aleph Objects - BCND - Beeverycreative
BigBox - CEL - colorFabb - CraftBot - CraftUnique - CubePro - Cubicon - Doob
Dremel - e-NABLE - ED - FlashForge - MakerBot - Makergear - Markforged
Colorfish, thank you for coming.

Customer reviews(5)

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10 September 2017
22 January 2017
Awesome item used on my printer no problems printed of baby groot came of perfect would definitely buy again.
Nanny sue
6 December 2017
Very good selection of colours
J. O'Reilly
11 January 2017
Started printing with this yesterday and surprised that it was leaving a lot of holes as it printed around the 200' temp - I've lowered it to 190' and increased fan speed and you can see the point in the print where the holes stop and layers form correctly so it seems to not like standard 200' temps despite its labeling.

Printed the same object in a BQ PLA at the 200' mark and set fan to 50% with a print speed of 200% which printed no problem; seems this filament needs a lower temp, more cooling and slower print speeds which is a pain but manageable.

Price wise its more costly by several £ than standard brand PLAs such as ICE, SOLUTECH or BQ and seems to need more attention to its thermal settings than those brands especially printing slower.

If the colour is available form those other brands you may be better looking at them instead - I find the colour very pale/beige rather than a wood brown it is more of a skin tone and currently using it to print out a figurine as I think its better suited to a lightly tanned skin tone than a wood coloured item.
Planty's Reviews
16 November 2016
Good quality PLA, used this on my Wanhao i3 with no issues at all, the odd imperfection is to be expected.

Every print has gone smoothly, the PLA runs smooth off the spool and and i love the dull gold colour, ive added a pic of a gecko i printed at 0.2mm and medium quality, it came out really well.

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