3T Chain Hoist, Pulley Hoist Chain Hoist Crane Chain Block Hoist Ratchet Hoist Ratchet Lever Disc, Orange Cocoarm

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  • Block lifting and lowering: Set the up and down shift knob to the appropriate position, turn the handwheel to the right until the chain is cocked and start working. With the switches in the top and bottom center, the chain can be pulled free to adjust the position of the hooks.
  • Alloy Steel Drop Forged Hook: The alloy steel forging hook can prevent the hook from being directly broken by the force exceeding the standard load, but is slowly deformed to ensure safety during use.
  • G80 manganese steel chain: The lifting chain adopts G80 grade manganese steel galvanized chain with high strength, high toughness and long life.
  • Chain Anti-Out Ring: When the chain position is set in the neutral position, the chain can be easily pulled out. The anti-off chain can prevent this problem well.
  • Screw Holster: The holster on the handle provides a comfortable grip and prevents hand injuries

Shell Material: Alloy steel printing integrated molding
Chain material: high strength G80 manganese steel chain
Hook material: heat-treated steel hook
Chain length: 3 meters
Weightlifting: 3000kg
Lifting height: 3 meters
Weight: 22kg

The package includes:
1 chain block

1. Please allow 1-5 cm error due to manual measurement. Thank you for your comprehension.
2. The monitor is not calibrated equal and the color of the object shown in the photo may be slightly different from the actual object. Please take the real one as a standard.

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