7-19mm Small Multifunction Hand Tools, Gator Grip Universal Repair Tools Drill Adapter Self-adjusting combination for automotive industry Tianyu

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  • Compact and durable: universal ratchet socket is chrome vanadium steel
  • Applications: suitable for remove various shapes nuts, wing nuts, broken nuts, peeled nuts, square nuts, hexadecimal, screws, hooks, lag screws and bolt heads etc.
  • Package includes: 1X Universal Socket Adapter; 1X Power Drill Adapter
  • Compatibility: fits standard 1/ 4 to 3/ 4 inch and metric 7 - 19 mm nuts and bolt heads; Useful and practical universal tool to your daily life

Products Description:
Package Content: 1 Set (2pcs)
1. Can be disassembled various shapes nuts, screws, hooks, lag screws, and bolt heads etc
Self-adjusts to fit thousands of fasteners. Polished chrome finish
Internally by 58 high-carbon steel hardness pole constituted
It can be used in automotive industry, household maintenance, manufacturing industry, construction and other industries
Product is compact and easy to carry
Removable screws, rotating hooks, disassemble flat head screw
Removing irregular screws and remove broken taps, tightening knobs

Customer reviews(3)

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Sam the Jack-tar
25 January 2018
I endeavored to get a set of square nut sockets, but failed. This seemed to be the next best solution. It works well, but 4 sided nuts tend to jamb in it. Not really a problem - just need a 'pointy' piece of wire to poke it out. Certainly a versatile product.
antoine Grisay
13 December 2017
Innivative design but you really need to put the tool at the center of a nut if you want it to grip properly.
I have tried to use this on a very tight nut hidden under a dashboard and have effectively rounded off the edges of the nut i was trying to loosen up. This is a useful gadget but you are always better off using the right tool for the right job
Bill Rodick
17 September 2017
If you manage your expectations of this little thing it becomes a luxury tool. My first reaction was wtf as I could see the socket size of about 9mm when regular socket size is 13mm so my socket wrench not fit. But I got this with a particular shelf job in mind.

Using a couple of rawl bolts to fix L brackets to wall I knew the bolt would stick out about 2cm and need screwing in and tightening up. The 2cm sticking out disappeared in two seconds with this tool in my battery drill for which said tool was born to be with. Rather than mess with drill torque settings I then gave final one or two turns of nut with a C spanner. Job done.

I admit it takes a leap of faith to use it in the drill as it wobbles in the chuck. This is due to the adapter for drill that fits as snugly as it could but does have some ‘give.’ But the drill worked great and did feel safe in use.

I also have since realised that this tool fits my Wilko 38 Piece ratchet screwdriver set driver. So, if drill can not reach a confined space I have another option.

In conclusion for me it gets rid of tedious screwing of nuts and bolts before using the correct size spanner/socket for final tighten. Whether it will be of use for odd sized nut or rounded corner remains to be seen. As it is it is a luxury tool for just seven quid and always to be found in my battery drill box. Took three days dispatched from Germany.

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