A4 size 90 Degree Linear Polarization Sheet Polarizer Educational Physics Polarized Filter Optical -2pcs Hony Optical Company Limited 002

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  • The Polarized Film Sheets Comes with protective peel-off film on both sides
  • This linear polarized for doing cool science projects/experiments.
  • A4 size 11.8*7.8 inch (30*20cm)
  • Available in Various Sheet Sizes for your Customized Use
  • High Contrast Linear Polarizing Film

A4 size linear polarized film 0*20 cm (11.8*7.8 inch)
Both side with protective film ,pls peel-off before used
Used for physical experiment and education and more
Makes the study of light and color fun and unforgettable
polarized sunglasses work. Same linear polarized material as our Linear Polarized -D glasses

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