AD8310 0.1-440MHz High-speed High Frequency RF Logarithmic Detector RF Power Meter RSSI Measurement Module Board Walfront RLSB5332

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  • The AD8310 is a high-speed voltage-output logarithmic amplifier with a detection frequency range of DC to 440MHz
  • Has a very fast response time (typically 15 ns) and can be used as an ASK demodulator of more than 10 MHz
  • It is also the best choice for improving the precision of IF signal measurement chips
  • The detector output voltage is equivalent to the input signal dB output
  • Its applications include RSSI, transmit power control and pulse detection

AD830 0.-440MHz High-speed High Frequency RF Logarithmic Detector RF Power Meter RSSI Measuring  Module Board
00% brand new and good quality
Widely used in  RSSI, transmit power control and pulse detection
Ideal item for electronics DIY ham Radio.

Working frequency: 0.--440 MHz
Detection slope: +24 mV/dB,
Detector intercept: - 08 dBV
Dynamic range: - 77dBm to +8dBm (95 dB)
Linear error: ±0.4 dB
Response time: 5nS
Output voltage: 0.35-2.5V
Working current: 2mA
Operating voltage: 7-5V (with LM78L05 regulator chip)
Size: 33 * 25mm/.29 x 0.98inch
Weight: 7g

Package Included:
x RF Logarithmic Detector

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