AUROLITE LED 18W IP44 Ceiling Lights, Ø 26cm, 4000K, 1450LM, Lighting for Bathroom, Kitchen, Hallway, Office, Flush Ceiling Light, Bath Ceiling Light, High Quality, 1 Year Warranty -18W 4000K- [Energy Class A+]

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Customer reviews(8)

Colour:18w 4000k

  • IP44 rated, ideal for bathroom ceiling light, kitchen, hallway, office and others
  • Energy efficient, can save up to 90% energy
  • Up to 30,000 hours of usage life, 1450 Lumen, 180 beam angle, 4000K
  • Low thermal output with no IR and harmful UV, No mercury and hazardous substances
  • High Quality, 1 Year Warranty, Please check the details below

Colour:18w 4000k

Energy efficient
This 18W LED ceiling light can provide up to 150W incandescent equivalent, and it can save up to 90% energy
This light is IP44 rated, ideal for bathroom or any place may have water splashing
Low thermal output with no IR and harmful UV, No mercury and hazardous substances
Long Life
With the LED light, it can run up to 30,000 hours.
It has 1450 Lumens, 4000K colour temperature and 180 beam angle. It will easily provide your room with sufficient light.
Item Size: Ø26cm, Height: 8.5cm; Packaging Size: Ø30.5cm, Height: 9cm
1 Year Warranty
Our product is warranted against defects for a period of ONE (1) YEAR from the date of original retail purchase. If the product is defective, we will provide free replacement and pre-paid return label for orders made within 30 days. For orders which are placed more than 30 days ago, if the product is defective, please return the faulty item back to us and we will provide free replacement.

Customer reviews(8)

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A. Murrie
17 June 2017
Great and very bright light - it's daylight white so is perfect for using in a bathroom. It was easy to install but my only complaint is that I found no matter how tightly I screwed the dome on (which is plastic and has a rubber seal) the dome seemed to be collecting water inside. After several instances I decided moisture had to be getting in between the ceiling and the metal light housing itself. I removed the dome and went around the light with white silicone to create a seal between the light housing and the ceiling. Hey presto, problem solved.
13 February 2017
Great little light, I have put 1 in my bathroom & 1 on the stairway.

I would not advise putting 1 in a room you are frequently sat in, or want silence in though as the internal Transformer has a very noticeable hum to it, and if you're like me and enjoy sitting in silence at times, the humming would start to annoy you after so long, that is the only negative about this light.

For those who are into radio, I'm a radio ham and sofar I have not noticed any RF noise on either 6m/2m/70cm at all. I can't say anything about on HF though.
4 March 2018
We have just bought (and ceiling mounted) the 18W version. Its fitted in a bathroom and its incredibly bright. Could have done with a 12W version. The bathroom measures just 1.9m by 1.7m with a height of 2.3m and the output is too high for the room, unless you like to shower with sunglasses on. Will have to find a way to reduce it.

The light colour is very similar to daylight - it produces a crisp, clean, white light which bounces off everywhere in our white bathroom.

It would have been nice to have the manufacturer state the light output in watts (which in this case is circa 100W) BUT do remember the colour of the light affects how humans percieve light intensity. So - This light is powerful and you will percieve it to be MORE so - if you are after subdued lighting this is NOT for you - this is powerful, even at 18W and easily surpasses the illumination of the old type 100W bulbs.

This unit is not dimmable so adjusting the voltage is not an option. However, its still a cracking little light with a fab output.
24 March 2017
Ready to install. Luckily screws hole had the same footprint as the old light fitting. Screwed down, wired up and twisted on the diffuser. The light is a good bright naturel colour. At 4000k I was expecting a horrid hint of blue. But can't see any so great!! Yay. Only criticism is there a noticeable slight power hum for it transformer. Give it time see if it gets annoying. At the moment i like it
16 May 2018
I bought one of these [ASIN:B073RCB3QL AUROLITE LED 12W IP44 Ceiling Lights, u00d8 26cm, Warm White 3000K, 950LM, Lighting for Bathroom, Kitchen, Hallway, Office, Corridor, Flush Ceiling Light, Bath Ceiling Light, High Quality, 1 Year Warranty (3000K)]] for my Grandson's room because he had a high bed and the old light got in the way. The light was perfect really easy to fit and really useful if you have really tall people who tend to knock there heads on low flying lights. I was so pleased with this purchase I decided to buy another. I just contacted the supplier to see if I could purchase a replacement shade and was absolutely delighted with the customer service. I can highly recommend the light and the customer care support and will look to purchase from this supplier in the future. Thank you.
Big Mike
30 March 2018
This light unit gives out superb even light and is very easy to fit. The advertisement states up to 30,000 hrs use, well the first one I had lasted 8 months, approx 1200 hrs. It was replaced as it was within the 12 months warranty. The replacement has lasted about the same time. I'm buying it again and giving the unit one last chance. If that one fails too then I'm paying a lot off money (u00a320) for something that lasts no longer than a standard bulbs (u00a32). Very disappointed with the longevity.
28 December 2017
Bright warm light. Itu2019s like turning on the sunlight when I turn it on. Makes me smile. Looks neat and stylish. Because of its construction it wonu2019t fill up with insects as ordinary bathroom lights that look like this tend to do. LED so will b long life. Comes in different levels of light so get the right one for the room.
Mr. J. G. Smith
16 August 2018
Great lights, good intensity and spread, easy to fit. I replaced my garage fluorescent lights with these because I broke the tubes occasionally moving large objects or ladders around. Donu2019t envisage the same problem with these as they are very slimline. I also donu2019t see them as a haven for spiders and webs as they are easier to keep clean. I also have one in my bathroom for ages. They are not as harsh as fluorescent lights . If longevity is as claimed I look forward them paying for themselves before too long.

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