Ball Casters

DealMux a14120900ux0252 Swivel Ball Caster Furniture Trolley Screw Mount Round Ball Swivel Caster Castor 50Mm Dia DLM-B00YCDV37A


DFRobot Metal ball casters


SODIAL(R) Threaded Stem Connector Twin-wheel Black Chair Trolley Caster with 3/8' Threaded Stem


sourcingmap® 5 Pcs Dia 15mm Ball Metal Transfer Bearing Unit Conveyor Roller SYNCTEA003257


TW 75mm Twin Wheeled Castor with Threaded Stem and Brake Ross Castors


sourcingmap Ball Transfer Units CY-25A Flange Mounted 1 inch Nylon Roller Ball Transfer Bearing Casters 66lb Capacity 2 Pcs a18052400ux0567


sourcingmap® 16mm Dia Metal Ball Transfer Bearing Unit Casters Universal Wheel 6pcs SYNCE012778


sourcingmap® 15mm Dia Metal Ball Transfer Unit Table Conveyor Roller 4 Pcs a15120800ux1210