Beekeeping 4 pint bee RAPID FEEDER Simon The Beekeeper

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Customer reviews(8)

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Frank Bison
12 August 2016
Great syrup feeder, placed over the hole in the crown board it is easy to refill (by lifting off the lid and pouring in fresh syrup...this can be done whilst the bees are still feeding in the feeding chamber...but pour in the syrup slowly) easy to clean, and robust in manufacture. I have yet to lose a bee by drowning with this feeder, the inner cone of the feeder is corrugated giving the bees a sure footing and the aperture is such that the bees won't trample on each other in their feeding frenzy. The lid can be removed and you can watch the bees feed in the transparent feeding chamber. Very clever design and well made. Highly recommended.
7 June 2014
As being new to beekeeping I was not too sure what was what in some circumstances. I was told by my mentor to purchase a rapid feeder for my new nuc of bees which were to arrive shortly. The feeder arrived on time and is of good quality. Does exactly what it is supposed to. I have since installed it with the bees in their new hive and is working a treat. No hesitation in recommending this to anyone and well priced too.
22 June 2015
This works really well and for over a week had no drownings but some this week. I did observe one bee fall in who was walking on inside of the cone cover which is not ridged whilst the inner cone is. I am going to give inside of cone cover a bit of a sanding when feed goes down a bit more and I can take it off easily but may be something the manufacturers could look at. Overall very pleased and easy to fill without disturbing the colony.
Mr G in the styxs
29 September 2014
Much easier to use than a contact feeder as it can be topped-up in situ and the bees cannot get out to attack you while you pour in more syrup, not to mention that you can check the level in the feeder easily. Previously used contact feeders in our Beehauses but you have to contend with a cluster of displaced bees on the mesh each time you lift it out and then crush lots more that have spilled out of the hole in the top-board as you put the refilled bucket back down again. No bees have drowned so far.
9 November 2016
Works absolutely fine, good price, very simple to use and effective. Extremely prompt delivery. As always, Simon The Beekeeper, gets it right.
Andy 'The Captain' Brown
11 June 2017
Just the ticket
Steven Carter, Highwoods, Colchester
5 November 2013
Thanks Simon for the rapid feeder - now I have a rapid feeder for all six hives. Kind regards, Steve.
Amazon Customer
25 May 2017
It's great to be able to top up the food during times of low pollen without disturbing the bees or losing a lot of heat. Thanks for a well designed top-feeder.

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