CappRondo CRV-45X Vortex Mixer with Adjustable Speed, 4500 rpm Capp Denmark

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  • Chemically resistant body
  • High speed of 4500rpm with 4.5mm orbital motion
  • Unique Triangular design for extra stability

Product description

Mini Vortex Mixer offers the ideal solution for thorough mixing and quick vortexing with high performance in terms of speed, reliability and safety. Speed: With .mm orbital motion and speed of up to 00 RPM, it instantly vortexes tubes and vials up to 0mm diameter. Highly touch sensitive switch ensuring Real-time mixing. Variable speed can be adjusted simply by turning the speed control button. Microprocessor controlled, delivering the maximum speed even under varying load conditions. Reliability: Well-balanced design, supplied with three anti-sliding feet to help the instrument to remain stable on the bench. In built counter balance system creates maximum vortexing action, while minimizing noise and excessive vibration. Low-profile with small footprint ideal for use on lab benches. Suspension Design for longer switch life. Safety: Spark less Brushless DC motor adopted for safety, quick acceleration, and low maintenance. Ideal for Cold Rooms and Incubators. Maintains set speed between -0°C. Chemically resistant PC ABS moulded exterior. Robust Design with Aluminium die cast base.

Customer reviews(1)

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27 June 2016
very very below average product I boughtt his product & it was not cheap at £140 odd pounds 5 days after the date to return expired being 30 days) the motor just suddenly stopped working & I have no way of contacting the seller through there shop or amazon.
This is clearly a very cheap & badly made product with no way of contacting the vendor & getting a replacement.

I did not use this product much & it lasted 32 days keep from wasting your money I would highly recommend you stay away from Capp Rondo products to avoid annoyance & dissapointment I certainly will be sharing with friends & writing a few reviews !!!!

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