Car*World Easy Universal Fit Emergency Anti-Skid Mud Snow Survival Traction Multi-function Car Tire Chains for Pickup SUV Car Van ATV Jeep Honda Toyota Nissan VW Ford Mercede Benz Tyre (10-pack)

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  • QUICKLY ENHANCE TIRE ROADHOLDING ABILITY in or before mud wet lawn snow slippery emergency, since the mud chains is super easy setup as tie/untie the belt
  • HARMLESS TO ALUMINIUM RIM AND TIRE since the easy mud chains adopts special one-piece desgin, and special zip-latch design, pretty firm but no metal part included, and will never scratch anything
  • UNIVERSAL FIT ALL DOMENSTRATED ALUMINIUM RIM TIRE whose width: 155,165,175,185, 195,205,215,225,235,245,255,265,275,285,295,no tire limitition any more
  • WORKS AT EXTREME CONDITION OF weather condition-25℃~85℃ or -77F~185F since adopts durable material PA66, which be used in automotive, construction,machinery widely, heavy-duty, no worry about wet, moisture, water any more at frozen or hot weather condition...
  • MULTI-FUNCITONAL since the easy mud snow chains can be used as traction rope, survival rope, wrapping rope etc., absolutely deserved car/motorcycle road trip essentials!

【Product Brief】
Emergency is always unpredictable,especially run into Emegerncy of mud,snow,lawn slippery road etc.,here you go,here is an alternative for emergency!
It is 2nd Generation Super Easy Emegerncy Car Tire Chains for vehicle,designed for aluminium rim tire,can quickly enhance the tire roadholding ability in emergency,prevent your car stuck in mud,especially up/downhill!
And Easy Emergency Traction Chains, is light weight,easy carried,easy installed/dismantled,and it is multi-Functional,can act as traction survival rope, even wrap thing, absolutely Car Essentials!
【Key Feature】
1.Adopt new convex desgin to increase roadholding ability.
2.Adopt new beefed-locker design to triple latching capacity,so can work as traction rope no doubt.
3.Adopt unique injection recipe so can work at extreme condition.
【Pack List】
x10pcs Universal Emergency Survival Traction Multi-functional Anti-skid Mud Snow Car Chains, pe bag
-Dupont PA66,used in automotive,architecture widely,work at -25℃~85℃ or -77F~185F
-Total Length: 92cm/36",max wrapped perimeter: 87cm/34",fit demonstrated aluminium rim tires:155~295
-To prevent the chains be broken pls make sure the tire diameter is not for < R15,or the GAP between Disk Braker Holder and Rim must>20mm[0.8"]
-Pls drive <40mil/hr,double wrapped chains on the transmission driving wheels,will works more perfect.
-Suggest 2~4orders/Car,6~10pcs/Wheel.

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