CATIZON Waterproof Film for Car Rearview Mirror Side Window Anti-fog Anti-glare Anti-scratch Clear Protective Film - Pack of 2PCS (5.9 x 4.0inch)

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Size Name:13.5 x 9.5cm (4.3 x 3.7inch)

  • COMPATIBILITY: Universal designed rearview mirror waterproof film for Car, SUV, Truck, Trailer, etc., which fits all standard size of side mirrors.Anti Fog Film could clarify the view area for averting possible danger due to fogged mirrors.
  • ANTI FOG FILM :It could clarify the view area for averting possible danger. It can protect your driving sight line in the rainy day.It is an innovation and it can solve your trouble that you can't see the reaview mirror clearly in the rainy day.It's waterproof and anti-fog with good effect.
  • NANO COATING TECHNOLOGY: PET+Nano coating protective film with 99% transmittance, Anti-fog, anti-glare, anti-mist, waterproof, rainproof, which effectively protects your driving safety in a rainy or foggy day, keep your rearview mirror clear all the times.
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Just take a few minutes to install it to your Rearview Mirror directly, squirt a little water on the mirror, install the protective film to the mirror and adhere it, then flatten it with a small scraper, quick and easy.
  • WHAT YOU GET: 2 pcs of Car rearview mirror rainproof film, Installation kit, and lifetime friendly customer service.

Are you still suffering from driving in the fog with blurred vision?

Getting really annoyed with the unclear fogged rear-view mirror?

Being Afraid of possible danger or accidents when driving on a rainy/fogged day?

-- All these could be solved with Anti fog Rear-view Mirror Protective Film


.Good effect: It has anti-reflection function and improves light transmittance by 2%~3%.

2.High clarity: When it meets water, it can be broken down into small water molecules, which can automatically clean the surface of the dirty material to ensure clarity.

3.No electricity, no manual scrubbing, saving electricity and labor, ensuring that the glass surface is clean, clear and beautiful.

4.Transparency is good: Visible light transmittance is greater than 88%, can be closed to 0%.

Check it out :

. Please check the size of the rear-view mirror before you order.

2. Please clean the rear-view mirror before installing the membrane.

3. The surface of the product is Nano-hydrophilic material, it may adhere to the air of dust and oil, please clean it by water or soapy water after using for a few days.

4. If there is dirt on the film during the use, you may clean it with water directly, just try not to wipe it too hard, or it may affect the performance.

5. Any questions or additional support needed, please feel free to reach out the customer service.

Package includes:

2 Pcs * Car Rearview Mirror Protective Film (5. x 4.0inch)

* Scraper

* Wet/Dry Wipes

Customer reviews(1)

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Eden C.
25 November 2018
Personally found it quite poor, not too impressed

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