C.K Magma 3 Pocket Pack Carl Kammerling International Ltd MA2725

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  • Holds small loose items.
  • Can be clipped onto belt & bag.

Product Description

The C.K Magma MA2725 3 pocket pack holds small loose items and can be clipped on to a tool belt or bag.

Box Contains

  • 3 x C.K Magma Zipped Pockets

  • Customer reviews(236)

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    10 April 2017
    I'm really impressed with the quality of these bags, they look well made and hard wearing which is what I needed for the side of my power wheelchair. They easily clip onto part of my chair so that I may safely carry around the things I need with me all of the time. This is especially important in summer when I don't have coat pockets to put things in.

    The sizes are perfect, not too big that the largest bag gets caught on the wheel and the small bag isn't too small that I can't get my hand into get the contents of the bag out rendering it is useless.

    The red small and grey large pouches are made of a polyester material with a pvc coating on the back similar to rucksack material and the black medium pouch is a rubbery material with a soft felt like back which would be suitable for items which may be at risk of getting scratched and those needing a little more protection. All bags have clips attached to a webbing loop which is sewn into the seam of each bag. They also all have a sturdy zip with plastic teeth and a metal zipper with a large pull handle with a further cord and plastic toggle attached which allows for easy location of the pull and ease of opening the zip when required. As my hands aren't as good as they should be this makes my life a whole lot easier. It also gives my assistance dog something to hold and then pull to help me open the zip or to help when I have the bag detached from my wheelchair and I drop it and can't pick.

    The smallest bag easily fits in my tabtime super 8 alarm medication box. The medium bag fits in my iPhone and purse and more (but would also be an ideal sized pouch for a sat nav!). The large bag fits my diary and my emergency documentation in.

    Overall I am very pleased with my purchase of this pack of 3 bags and hopefully they will last for years to come. The price is also fantastic for what you get. I'm a happy customer 😃
    George Kouloumbis
    17 February 2018
    Its been a joy using them. Solid quality and attractive design to boot. I'm a handyman and they come to work with me on a daily basis carrying my phone, keys and wallet when I'm up ladders etc.
    H. Davies
    13 October 2016
    They're bags, but really useful ones. Strong and well thought out sizes with clips to attach them to other things. Personally I use them for my holiday rucksack and beach bag to keep small items from rolling around. They appear to be splashproof, although I wouldn't submerge them
    Alex Mc
    19 November 2017
    The carrabinas that come with them are terrible. 2 days use and the carrabina is broken. The pouches are really handy, but purchase a separate carrabina!

    I haven't used them yet, but as soon as I opened the packet I noticed that the bit by the zip had not been stitched properly.
    Tony Gale
    12 December 2016
    If you need a small selection of bags for parts or tools, these are perfect. The largest one is well sized for Stanley knives, smaller screwdrivers and the like, and the two smaller ones are ideal for bolts, screws, and so on.

    The addition of carabiner-style clips makes them perfect for hooking into larger bags or onto belts, and they're tough enough to take a beating through serious use.
    10 June 2017
    Great pouches with multiple uses. Small one currently hanging off tool belt stuffed with screws of various sizes and no cuts or penetrations even after daily abuse. Largest one housing various connectors and small hand tools.
    Kermit the Frog
    25 September 2018
    a good screwbag is essential. having raw plags, screws, general buts all at the bottom of your bag requiring removing a whole bunch of tools just to find is quite irritating- these 3x bags are great. well made.
    S.K Webb
    29 March 2017
    Very good, had no problem with zips. Large grey one was ideal for my test meter red one used for drill bits. very good quality, will buy another pack of three.Update just order another pack of three as they are very useful.Was going to buy 3rd set of three but price has increased by £2. So brought from non prime site.

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