DC 6V~30V Trigger Delay On/Off Cycle Timer Relay Switch Module w/Digit LED Display Micro USB 5V Zerone

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  • EASY TO USE - Wide DC power supply voltage from 6V to 30V, support micro USB 5.0V power supply, very convenient to use
  • STOP BUTTON - The module supports reverse input protection, and there is a STOP button for emergency stop function
  • SLEEP MODE - Added sleep mode, it will automatically turn off display if no operation in 5 minutes after enabled, and you can press any button to wake it up
  • DIFFERENT PARAMETERS - You can set different OP, CL, LOP parameters, these parameters were independent of each other and saved respectively
  • AUTOMATICALLY SAVED - All set parameters will be automatically saved if there is a power failure

Voltage: V~30V(support micro USB 5.0V)
Trigger Signal Source: High voltage level trigger(3.0V~24V), signal ground and system ground are not connected to improve system anti-interference ability(or you can connect them).
Load Capacity: DC 30V 5A, AC 220V 5A
Quiescent Current: 20mA
Operating Current: 50mA
Operating Temperature: -40ȃ~85ȃ
Size: .2*3.8*.7cm / 2.44*.49*0.7"
Timing Range: 0.seconds to 999 minutes(continuously adjustable)

Operation Mode:
P: After triggering signal, switch is connected for "OP" time, then disconnected; within the "OP" time:
P.: if trigger signal again, it is invalid.
P.2: if trigger signal again, restart timing.
P.3: if trigger signal again, switch is disconnected, stop timing.
P-2: After triggering signal, switch is disconnected for "CL" time, then switch is connected for "OP" time, and disconnect after timing.
P3.: After triggering signal, switch is connected for "OP" time, then switch is disconnected for "CL" time, and enter loop. If trigger signal during loop, switch is disconnected and stop timing. The loop times (LOP) can be set.
P3.2: After power on, no need trigger signal, switch will be connected for "OP" time, then disconnected for "CL" time, and enter loop. The loop times (LOP) can be set
P-4: Signal holding function. If there is trigger signal, timing will be reset, switch remains connected; when the signal disappears, it will disconnect after "OP" time. During timing, if there is a signal, timing will be reset.
OP: Connect time. CL: Disconnect time. LOP: Loop times(~999, "---" indicates infinite times)

Package Includes:
x Timer Switch Module

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