Dermatograph Pencil, Blue (Pack of 6), skin marker, dermatological pencils Gima 33175

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Colour Name:Blue

  • Blue
  • 175 cm Length
  • Pack of 6 pencils
  • Skin markers
  • Dermatology pencils

Product Description

Special dermatograph pencil to mark the skin for identification of areas to be treated.Made in cedar wood with wax lead.Colour: white ( pieces).Pencils are sold non sharpened in box of with pencil sharpener included.Suitable for general surgery dermatology orthopaedy radiology.Size: 5 x Ø mm.Multilanguage box and manual: GB FR IT DE ES PT GR PL SE RO HU Arab.

Customer reviews(1)

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30 October 2018
Rubbish. Attempted to sharpen and use multiple times but kept breaking.

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