Disposable Sterliser Bags (7 day supply) Oasis 5016564370218 Baby Nursery Equipment sterliser travel holiday baby disposable

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Customer reviews(94)
  • Safe and convenient way to sterilise baby's utensils, especially when travelling
  • They eliminate the problem of transporting bulky, plastic sterilising systems, microwave or steam sterilisers that may not operate on foreign voltages
  • Keep using bag and its Sterilising Tablets (no need to buy additional ones) for 24 hours and then throw away and start a new bag
  • Great for travelling parents, grandparents and occasional child minders. 7 days supply
  • You can fit 4 large baby bottles in each bag, wait 30 mins and they are sterilised.

Travel Tip - each bag is hygienically sealed so pack a couple in your hand luggage, handbag, and suitcases - just in case the airline lose your luggage - this way you will always be able to sterilise where ever you are. Are a safe and convenient way to sterilise baby's utensils, especially when travelling. They eliminate the problem of transporting bulky, plastic sterilising systems, microwave or s that may not operate on foreign voltages. Each bag is a totally self-contained steriliser unit lasting up to 24 hours and will hold at one time a maximum of 4 standard or 3 wide neck bottles. They are safe to use with foreign water and each sachet has clearly printed instructions to enable use without carrying the main pack with you. Great for travelling parents, grandparents and occasional child minders. supply.

Customer reviews(94)

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11 October 2016
Great product for holidays. I did as other people had recommended and bought Milton tablets to use rather than the ones provided. It meant the steralsing time was halved to 15 minutes (If needed a bottle urgently) and there was no need to rinse
Jade G.
10 September 2018
Very very pleased with this product, on reading previous reviews some people said 6/7 of their bags leaked, so I bought 3 boxes of these to take on holiday with me, just incase. And not one bag leaked, they were brilliant! I didn’t use the tablets included though I took Milton sterilising tablets with me instead, and the bags were very easy to use. Just fill up with cold water from tap (even abroad) popped the Milton tablet in, then put my bottles in. I could fit 4 large tommee tippee bottles into one bag. Highly recommend these!!
Katie Hunter
25 June 2018
Faulty bags, took abroad for our 4 month old baby and 5 out of the 6 bags leaked, we followed the instructions perfectly.
Was left struggling to find a suitable liquid to sterilize our baby items, very let down with this product.
Lisa M
10 July 2016
Absolutely brilliant for holidays. Super strong bags, each tablet lasts 24 hours so we sterilised morning and evening in the same bag.
Miss B
16 February 2016
Bought and used for holiday
Strong enough for 2x150ml.
Didn't use the tablets provided, bought my own so bottles didn't need to be rinsed afterwards.
Would use again for s short holiday.
12 November 2017
What a waste of money! A drawstring bag that doesn't fully seal, won't stand up unaided so have to wedge it upright in sink etc somehow, messy and completely unnecessary. You honestly might as well grab a handful of tablets from home and use something else.
Ms. I. Quesada
5 November 2016
These bags are rubbish as you have to rinse the articles you want to clean with freshly boiled water after taking them out of the cleaning solution of the bag. Defeats the point of not having clean water available (on a plane)
Jennie Cook
27 November 2017
We took these on holiday, have used them before with no problems but this lot must have been faulty as 4 out of the 7 bags leaked. This left us having to heavily improvise (we were on a remote island) with sterilizing our baby's bottles.

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