Draper 14059 11-Piece Precision Screwdriver Set Draper Tools Hand Tools Screwdrivers & Allen Keys Screwdriver Sets JEWELLER' S

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Product Description

Hardened tool steel precision ground blades with nickel-plated steel bodies with swivel tops. Display packed in plastic case.

All tools are manufactured to high quality standards that are strictly controlled by our quality control engineers. They offer good value for money and a number of useful features to improve the performance of the product. All products come backed by the Tools guarantee.

Tools is a family-run company that has been selling high-quality tools in the United Kingdom and beyond for more than 90 years. To bring you the tool you need, the buying team sources innovative products, which adhere to strict ethical and quality standards, from all around the world.

Box Contains

  • 6 x slotted screwdrivers, sizes: 1, 1.2, 1.4, 1.8, 2.4 and 3 mm
  • 3 x Cross-point screwdrivers, sizes: no. 00, no. 0 and no. 1
  • 1 x Awl
  • 1 x Pair of tweezers

  • Customer reviews(286)

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    24 January 2017
    I seem to have had a set of these screwdrivers forever.
    The first were bought so long ago that I have forgotten the brand, but were unplated brass handles, the second were Draper but somehow got seperated from their case and ended up coroded by an acid leak and now this set sold to me from Bamford (I paid for them you cynics).
    Their original use was for renovating film cameras, back in the day when digital was but a dream. You could buy originally expensive cameras and lenses that had stopped working and with these screwdrivers, a few specialised tools that you usually had to make yourself rebuild perfect specimins.
    Nowadays these screwdrivers find even more use repairing electronic devices that need disassembly for simpler repairs like resoldering a battery clip - these are of course not insulated so should not be used in a live mains environment. The money they have saved over the years must represent several thousand percent on my investment. Definitely one of my better buys.
    Charlie Tibbles
    17 August 2016
    Was trying to repair a phone with a broken screen, after failing to undo a couple of screws with an old screwdriver, which had just worn the head right down. I need a screwdriver to finish the job asap as I needed a phone and hadn't got one.
    I had looked at many other screwdrivers and choose this as it is a known make had good reviews and there was plenty of other screwdrivers and even a pair of tweezers in the box which is always a bonus.
    The item arrived very quick which I was happy about, got straight to it and got it done with ease thanks to these, after a quick inspection of the heads of the screwdriver after it looks like it hardly even touched it and not worn anything away.
    These seem good quality that will last long and with many options with different sizes to choose from and with the inclusion of a pair of tweezers I'm glad I choose these.

    Overall I am happy with the product as it got me out of a bit problem with no hassle.
    It's always good too but known brands especially when buying tools so you don't have to buy twice.
    I would recommend these to anyone who needs a small set of screwdrivers as these are good and feel good quality. 5/5
    11 November 2016
    These are a good small tools kit with a decent range of screwdriver sizes. My problem though is if you need to apply any pressure on a stubborn screw then it is near impossible to get a purchase on the screwdriver. It is the smoothness of the screwdriver stems and that they are small that adds up to being awkward as heck to apply pressure with. So ironically I tend to use my Leatherman to loosen a stubborn screw and then get to work with these. Admittedly stubborn screws are rare but not that rare. So I wound ask for a rubber cuff or something around them, this would help hugely. However compared to the £50 sets I was looking at in comparison this are of course much more affordable.
    The training man
    27 May 2012
    .......well I found out why.

    Bought to use on my MacBook Pro to upgrade memory, just discovered that the Cross Head No.00 blade is not attached to the handle (this is the most popular size for electronics). Not to worry I thought, ever used to 'Botch It' strategies I used the flat head No 1.2 that fits one of the cross hairs nicely. This has now twisted at the tip and taken small chunk of the screw head with it.

    As I am not related to the incredible hunk, proof of which is the lack of green hue at all times, I think its safe to say that the screwdrivers cannot be 'Hardened Tool Steel' as claimed.

    I've used Draper products before and can't recall any problems.

    I have no reason to believe that these are counterfeit goods but that's the quality I'm experiencing.

    If Tom Cruise relied on this set of tiny screwdrivers in Mission Impossible the film would only be 3 mins long as he would be caught by the bad guys or blown up at the first tricky part of the plot. Perhaps we should give him a set......

    Amazon returns fantastic though. 5 Star for that bit
    7 May 2014
    This is a fairly reasonable value set of precision screwdrivers, all around 10cm (varying according to the size of the screwdriver head). Purchased to take a laptop apart, for most screws these are sufficient, however the metal grip is uncomfortable if there is resistance from the screws and the grooves along the handle caused a blister when trying to remove subborn screws. The screwdrivers proved insufficient to remove all screws and the head of the 1.8 flat head ended up deformed to render it useless in the process.
    Instead I got a couple of Wera kraftform micro screwdrivers which were able to remove previously difficult screws with ease, they were much more comfortable to use with a more practically sized swivel top on this set where I found the swivel top is small and awkward to use. However the pair cost a similar sum to this set and they are much longer rendering them less practical for use in tight situations.
    P. J. A. Jennings
    12 April 2011
    I bought this item to dismantle a Macbook - you need to remove well over a dozen tiny Phillips #00 screws. Now I will admit that Apple use Locktite (or similar screw locking product) on some of them, but on trying to turn the second screw, the bit fell out of the handle - it just wasn't fixed in there properly. Maybe I will revise my review after I've got a replacement set.

    3 days later.

    I can't fault Amazon's returns policy. No quibble, postage free returns label, replacement dispatched straight away before you've sent back the faulty one. It arrived this morning and I used the packaging to send the faulty one back. If they stay together (and I've no reason to doubt they will based on other reviews) then this is a very useful set of miniature screw drivers.

    1 day later.

    Amazon acknowledged receipt of return - excellent customer service. Screwdrivers doing OK as well.
    21 July 2014
    For draper I'm very disappointed with these, the tip on the standard heads twisted very very easily while trying to take the screws of an electronic device, Very badly built and very disappointed in the quality as I expected more from draper. They seem very cheap and badly made using soft metals for the tips of the screwdrivers. I would not recommend these to anyone,

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