Extra Coarse, 4pcs Replacement Refill Roller Heads for Foot File Hard Skin Remover by Asofcof

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Colour:Black(4pcs Roller Heads)

  • Material: Set of 4 x Extra Coarse Replacement Roller Heads are consisting of hard micro-abrasive particles: high quality micro-alumina and finely ground diamond crystals, to endure any wear and tear.
  • Unisex: These roller heads suitable for both men and women, and soft, hard, dry and sensitive feet
  • Safe: Safely and effectively removes rough, hard, dry, cracked and callused skin from the soles of your feet.
  • Effiect: The roller head spins 360 degrees for quick results on thick, calloused foot.Ideal for the safe and professional removal of hard skin from your feet at home.
  • Easy to use: Quick and easy to replace existing heads. Can be washed and re-use.

Colour:Black(4pcs Roller Heads)

They are high quality! Replacing your rollers on a regular basis will
ensure your electronic pedi foot file is as effective as possible
when removing rough, hard and dry skin from the soles of your feet.
Directions for Use:
1) Ensure the unit is turned off.
2) Remove the existing roller.
3) Insert the new roller into the unit by sliding in the roller into the machine
and ensuring it clicks into place.
4) Shake the unit gently to ensure the roller has been securely inserted
and there are no loose parts.
5) Dispose of your worn out roller.
Item included:
4x Extra Coarse Replacement Roller Heads

Customer reviews(8)

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3 September 2018
Pamela Ann Donaghey
13 April 2018
This is great itu2019s a nice slim one which I wanted to get at 1 of my toes, it came very quick to didnu2019t wait long at all and seeing how itu2019s rechargeable I donu2019t have to keep looking for batteries it also comes with a spare roller, it seems to me to be one of the best out there.
16 July 2018
Perfect product! Before, I used manual abrasive brush against old dry calluses on my heels, what wasn't too comfortable to use. All long distance runners like me know about difficulties what happens after work out, so this device is a useful discovery for me to care about my foots easily! I like what it can be used in bath with no worries about water drops and electrical wires or to take with to training camp! It charges fairly quickly and works a long time with one full charge. I recommend it!
17 May 2018
With summer season in swing I needed to sort my feet out. Looked at manual files but thought would give this a go as it was a reasonable price.
It's done a great job, my feet feel great. Fab it comes with an extra file too and handy bag to keep it in.
13 June 2018
One of my best purchases.
I dont usually drop reviews. But I felt this one deserved a review. For 7-8 years I have suffered from Calluses on my feets. I have tried every treatment but none worked. Tbh this product leaves Scholl behind. It is definitely 100 times better.
Personally I would recommend using Bazuka extra strength for a week before using this. It is a miracle. Ive only used it once and my calluses are all gone. Only tiny hard patches are left, which im sure will go too when I try this again tomorrow.
Fiona Lockett
16 July 2018
One charge lasts ages, itu2019s easy to clean, gentle but does the job fast and pain free
30 September 2018
This is the best foot file I have ever had. It has transformed my hoof like heels in a couple of days. I have another similar that cost 4x as much and this leaves it standing.
100 percent Scots
28 June 2018
The power is ok when newly charged, but it doesn't have enough force to do both feet thoroughly every time. Patience is required and some skill with applying the right pressure.

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