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Resistor Carbon 51  Ohm 1/4  Watt, +/-5%, 1 SR PASSIVES


Perel 145441  Resistor 5  W 10  K


sourcingmap® 200Pcs 1206 3.2x1.6mm 6.8K Ohm 1/4W SMT Surface Mount Chip Resistors US-SA-AJD-39131


10x Trimmer 470R 10% 0,5W 21x ; Vishay, T93YB471KT20 ; 470Ohm IT-Tronics


Sourcingmap 50Pcs A Type 47uF 10V 3.5x2x2mm Black SMD SMT Tantalum Chip Capacitors a14041500ux0386


RES, THICK FILM, 0.025OHM, 3W, 1%, 2512 CRA2512-FZ-R025ELF Pack Of 10 By BOURNS CRA2512-FZ-R025ELF-BOURNS


200 Pcs 0402 1K Ohm Resistance 1/16W Watt Film SMT SMD Chip Resistors US-SA-AJD-60680


HALJIA 1/4W Ceramic Metal Film Resistors Kit Set 30 Values (10ohm - 1Mohm) x 20Pcs (600 Pcs)


Sourcingmap 10 kOhm 1/4 W 1 Percent Tolerance SMD Surface Mount Chip Resistor - White/Black (200-Piece) a14042800ux0270


TruOhm 1 x CR-025 15R Carbon Film Resistor 0.25W - Pack of 100


200 Pcs 0402 270Ohm Resistance 1/16W Watt 5% SMT SMD Chip Resistors DealMux DLM-B00NQ4J4YK


Electronics-Salon 20PCS 330 OHM Thick Film Network Array Resistor, SIP-5 Bussed Type.


Electronics-Salon 20PCS 3.3K OHM Thick Film Network Array Resistor, SIP-9 Bussed Type.


Electronics-Salon Thick Film Network Resistor Assortment Kit, Array Resistor, Bussed Type, 1/8W, SIP-5 and SIP-9 470 1K 4.7K 10K 47K ohm.


Spiratronics 4116R DIL Resistor Network 470R FF5-660


sourcingmap® 9Pcs A09-103 9Pin Isolated Single in Line 10KOhm 1/8W Resistor Network a14061900ux0172


RESISTOR NETWORK 150R Resistors Fixed Networks BOURNS22958 YE64782


RESISTOR NETWORK, 10K 4605X-101-103LF Pack of 5 By BOURNS BPSRE04738-4605X-101-103LF


sourcing map 20W 1 Ohm Power Resistor Ceramic Cement Resistor Axial Lead White 2pcs a18040400ux0047


1000pcs Resistors Assortment Electronic Components, 1/2W 1-10M ohm Carbon Film DIY Resistors Kit Hilitand


10 x 5W 700V 150 ohm 150R Metal Oxide Film Resistors sourcingmap a11101900ux0367


sourcingmap 2pcs 10W 39RJ 39 ohm Load Resistor Fix LED Bulb Hyper Flash Turn Signal Blinker a17122500ux0023


perfk 1pc FSR402 Force Sensing Resistor 1.27cm FSR For Long Tail 0g-10kg DIY Kit


EAONE 850 Pieces 30 Values 1% Resistor Kit, 0 Ohm-1M Ohm 1/4W Metal Film Resistors Assortment for DIY and Experiments


Displaying 1 to 24 (of 43 products)