FLASHFORGE® PLA 3D Printing Filament 1.75mm 0.6KG/Roll for Dreamer Series (Transparent) Zhejiang Flashforge 3D Technology Co. Ltd. PLATransparent

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Colour Name:Transparent

  • PLA has stable liquidity, significantly reduces wire drawing issues, making printing surface much more bright and clean.
  • Stable in diameter: 1.75±0.2mm. The stability of diameter can prevent seizure, skiding problems in printing, as to improve printing smooth surface.
  • Strict process control to ensure none impurities inside the filament, and will not block the nozzle.
  • Basic colors: Black, white, red, yellow, blue, green, transparent.
  • Sole material formula, professional technological process.

ABS/PLA filament:
filament use new imported material, with exclusive formula, perfectly improved edge warping problem for ABS filament during printing.

new filament series passed international Eco-friendly test certificate as RoHS, MSDS, which makes the printing safer and more Eco-friendly.

Apply new damp proof and anti-crack formula, lengthen the storage time after sealing off.

Customer reviews(28)

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16 April 2018
It could well be me but I don't really get very nice results with this filament. They're not horrible (all the time) just difficult and fiddly to get decent results. Other filaments I've got produce better results and much easier.

As I say it might just be me & the printer, It's rather subjective, but I would not recommend this filament but you may have better results than me.

The one actual negative that I would say is around the colour. It's not really red. It's more of an orangy-red (probably more orange than red) and partly "translucent". It's not a bold or solid colour
Mr G Fitzhugh
21 July 2017
This stuff is great. Started my first print @ 200/50 and worked right out the box. Haven't felt the need to adjust my temp since. Flows well and not a single blockage in the whole spool. Looks wise it is a solid white with a slightly translucent quality. After sanding, it sands back to a clean white and leaves a surface that's perfect for gluing and painting.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this product and intend to purchase more Flashforge PLA in the future.
9 February 2018
I purchased a Flashforge finder and would strongly recommend it as a fun entry-level 3D printer. I have been using the white PLA reel supplied and have been achieving great results across a range of settings. I then purchased 1x Black, 1 x white, 1 x Transparent and 1 x Red PLA reels.
The Black has an excellent finish and worked well across all temp and height ranges, the transparent was very good too BUT the Red PLA was Absolutely Rubbish! It split and warped across all the settings I used, not sure if it was a faulty reel or an issue caused by the colouring agent used. I won't be purchasing Red PLA again
28 September 2018
Been using this for a year or so now with both my cr10 and my finder, it’s alright. I would say it snapping is the worst issue but other than that I get decent results with it and can’t ask much more for the price
PS4 Game Lover
29 March 2018
Never had an issue with this filament. Its well wound on the reel, seems accuarate and of good quality.
I recommend this and have used at least 3 so far, all have been the same high standard.
Robert Atkins
18 September 2017
Awesome PLA, had issues with blues before in the past as they would be a bit stringy etc, however this went down perfectly. It is a good colour, slightly translucent (could be because of my infill / layer thickness was thin. But all in all great stuff, I used it with a Wanhao i3 so I had to take a dremel to the inner part of the spool to allow it to fit on the spool holder, will be designing an adapter to all it to just slide on as I think this will now be my go to material for PLA.
21 August 2017
behaves as you want it to, and it sticks well to the platform. sometime it can stick a little too well, so if you have a little room to spare vertically i recommend placing a little support under your model before you print to make it easier to remove from the bed.
L. C. Maunton
13 February 2018
This product up to now has been perfect, not one issue with it, next day delivery from amazon prime no extra postage cost, great value for a great product

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