GEZICHTA Portable Diamond Selector II Gemstone Tester Tool with Testing Platform and Carrying Case High Accuracy Professional Jeweler Diamond Tester Selector For Novice and Expert

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  • ✮Power supply: 1 x DC 9 V battery (not included) Note: The probe is very sensitive to the probe, so it must be protected with special care. Please do not set it in the sheath.
  • ✮Simple calibration for stones of various sizes. Emits audible sounds to easily differentiate the readings
  • ✮In order to detect accurately, the proposed correction once a year.
  • ✮It is the world's most reliable, Just by pressing the probe against the jewel you want to measure, you can instantly judge natural diamonds, moaisanite and other stones.
  • ✮Package including: 1 * Diamond Selector II 1 * Testing Platform 1 * Carrying Case 1 * User Manual

Easy operation.
LED light and audio result indication.
The red light will be showed and the audio indicator will ring if the stone is real diamond.
Simple calibration for stones of various sizes.
Accurate and reliable reading.
Matched with a testing platform for loose stones.
Light weight, matched with a convenient carrying case.
Detailed user manual is included in the package.
Color: Black
Power supply: 1 * DC 9V Battery (not include)
Item size: 16 * 4 * .cm (6.6 * 1.6 * 0.8in)
Maintenance and repair:
1, the instrument is very sensitive to the probe, must be particularly careful to protect, do not use should be set on the sheath.
, the preparation of the indicator light is very dark, shows the battery will run out, should be timely replacement battery.
3, the instrument is not used for a long time, please take out the battery.
4, in order to detect accurately, the proposed correction once a year.
Warm tips:
The 1 thermal conductivity meter is designed and manufactured according to the thermal conductivity of diamond. It is specially used for the identification of the true and false of diamond.
instrument for precision electronic instruments, the use of the environment for 5-35 degrees Celsius, the relative humidity of the air at 80%.
3 gems must be clean, dry and at room temperature.
4 when doing test, transferred to the first or second grid.
Package including:
1 * Diamond Selector II
1 * Testing Platform
1 * Carrying Case
1 * User Manual

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