HELLERMANNTYTON H30X25 BLACK 500. SLEEVE 6MM (MAX) BLACK00 [Pack Size: 500] Pro-Series (Epitome Verified) UK-H30X25 BLACK 500.

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  • UK Safety Specification
  • Pro-Series
  • Made in UK
  • Total Pack Size: 500

Internal Diameter:mm
Sleeving / Tubing Type:-
Sleeving Colour:Black
Sleeving Material:-
Approval Bodies:BS
Bore Diameter Max:mm
Bore Diameter Min:mm
Bore Diameter Nom:mm
Cable Diameter Max:mm
Expanded Diameter:mm
External Length / Height:5mm
Flammability Rating:UL4-HB
Insulation Resistance:1000000000000ohm/cm
Intermittent Temperature Max:10°C
Material:Polychloroprene Rubber
Operating Temperature Max:5°C
Operating Temperature Min:-5°C
Proof Voltage:4000V
Standard:Def Stan 5-15 BS858

UK Standard Manufacturer's Term Warranty

Extruded from a polychloroprene rubber compound to UL4-HB. Suitable for binding and identification of cable harnesses using indelible markers. Approved to BSG18 and DEF.STAN 5-15, complies with BS858.
Resistivity: 101R/cm

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