KKmoon Digital LCD Non-Contact IR Thermometer -50-700℃ w/ Alarm & MAX/MIN/AVG/DIF Andoer

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  • Precise non-contact thermometer, safe and easy to use.
  • Simply point to an object and read its temperature.
  • Consist of optics, temperature sensor, signal amplifier, processing circuit and LCD display.
  • on/off switch, Auto power off & temperature data hold.
  • Temperature range: -50 to 700℃ (-58 to 1292F)

Precise non-contact thermometer, safe and easy to use.
Simply point to an object and read its temperature.
light allows accurate targeting.
Consist of optics, temperature sensor, signal amplifier, processing circuit and LCD display.
Celsius and Fahrenheit switchable.
MAX, MIN, AVG, DIF reading.
High/Low temperature alarm setup.
12 data store/recall.
on/off switch, Auto power off & temperature data hold.
seconds auto power off.
Simple One-Handed operation.
Lightweight and compact.
Suitable for: hot water pipes, hot engine parts, cooking surfaces, hot tubes insulation, electrical connection, ballasts in electric lights, electric motors, bearings, wine coolers hot asphalt, swimming pools, fish tanks, hot cold food products, heating air conditioning, etc.
High quality with one year warranty.

Temperature range: -50 to 700℃ (-58 to 1292F)
Accuracy: ±1.5% or ±1.5℃
Resolution: 0.1℃ or 0.1F
Repeatability: 1% of reading or 1℃
Response time: 500mSec, 95% response
Spectral response: 8- um
Emissivity: 0.95 preset
Distance to spot size: 12 : 1
Operating temperature: 0 ~ 40℃ (32 ~ 104F)
Operating humidity: 10 ~ 95 % R.H.
Storage temperature: - ~ 60℃ (-4 ~ 0F)
Power supply: 9V Alkaline or NiCd Battery (not included)
Dimensions: Approx. 175 * 100 * 50mm
Package weight: 188g

Package including:
1 * Infrared Thermometer
1 * User Manual

Customer reviews(66)

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1 September 2015
Works perfectly - the LCD screen is very crisp and readable, especially with the backlight on.

I have had this unit for a while and the battery life is excellent - it takes a PP3 (the front cover by the trigger just unclips to change it but I have never needed to). The Celsius / Fahrenheit switch is in there too - that's the only non-obvious thing because every other setting is in the menu.

You need to be aware that if you need *really* accurate readings, you need to know the emissivity of the surface you are measuring. In most cases the default of 0.95 is good enough - the instructions have a table for most common materials if you want to change it.
You could fool yourself if you point this at a highly glossy surface because it will redirect radiation from the reflection in to the sensor instead - but that's not a criticism of this unit, it's just physics.

My only criticism is that when you release the trigger the unit beeps to indicate that the reading is now held on the screen. In an industrial environment I think it would be fine but in a home / small office it's a bit annoying because you often end up doing several readings.

You can turn the laser pointer on or off and also the backlight on the screen but not the beep!

The min / max / diff functions are useful (scan slowly over an area and then see what the minimum or maximum temp is 'live' or after the scan - great for finding hotspots.

The laser pointer is about the only way I can get the cat out from behind the sofa at home so this unit is recommended(!)
1 April 2016
Cheap and effective.
These things are amazing fun, you'll be leaping about the place measuring the temprature of everything within sight.
Be aware that the laser aim point is actually slightly above the sensor's field of view.
Find something hot with a well defined edge and a cool background and move towards it so taht the laser hits first. When you see the temp reading go up you'll be able to see the offset. Its less of an issue at longer range, the heat sensor sees in a cone that expands with distance.
Even if you're not a cook or engineer etc you should get one to just play with. Makes a kid out of everyone.
Its not super accurate unless you're measuring frictionless black spheres in a vacuum but its within a couple of degrees or better. The darker the surface you're measuring the more accurate it'll be.
7 February 2015
I bought this for cooking purposes. (Initially for jam-making). I found it not too accurate for jam, as you need the right kind of surface to radiate. Shiny surfaces gave erratic, inaccurate and sometimes nonsensical results. However I have used this on so many other applications can't think now how I managed not having it around. Excellent for the oven, bread making. Just to check for hot or cold spots around the house. And my central heating went ballistic one day and I was able to see instantly that the radiator was at +90C!! and it helped CH engineer to monitor and determine the problem. I usually have to take a number of readings looking for a spot where I get consistent results. Maybe if you paid a lot more for a superior item you MIGHT get better results, but I have found this low-cost item a useful thing to have around the house.
23 January 2014
I have checked this works using hot (boiling) water and also ice water and it does. It is easy to use and it switches off after a few seconds so saves battery. I cannot think of much else to say except I spent ten minutes looking on amazon for which one to go for and this one was the best balance of accuracy of temperature and price as I could not afford to spend more than £15.00 on it. There are many that are less accurate and the same or dearer price.
Steve of London
16 October 2013
Useless. That just about covers it.

OK, well the reason it was useless was that it read about 10 to 12 degrees C below the actual target temperature, on a variety of surfaces, with a new battery, compared to a digital contact thermometer

I didn't expect amazingly high accuracy or repeatability, especially for the price, but when it told me the food in my freezer was -30C and my skin temperature was about 23C, I figured it was a waste of money. Either that or I was very, very ill.

Returned for a refund. If the sellers can confirm it was just a duff one, I may consider buying another one.
Merlin's Tech Cave
27 October 2015
I needed a non contact IR thermometer to measure temperature within electronic assemblies. These often contain dangerously high voltage so this device made measuring very safe, convenient and quick. Very simple to set up and use.
4 March 2017
Works well.. Until the laser ceases to work after 8 months
D H.
11 August 2015
Works well but readings need to be more reliable and accurate. Repeated readings can show a lot of variation.

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