Kromopan Alginate Lascod ith more than 168 hours of dimensional stability

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  • Class A, Type 1 Alginate
  • Color Changing
  • 20 micron Accuracy
  • 168 Hours Dimensional Stability
  • Dust Free

Kromopan is a chromatic alginate with more than 168 hours of dimensional stability. It is dentists' top choice among alginates. The chromatic phase indicator helps with the preparation of impressions without having to worry about temperature changes or specific water hardness. Kromopan's color indicator will guide the operator through the step-by-step procedure. Purple: Spatulate until the pink color appears. Pink: Load the tray and wait for the white to appear. White: Insert in patient's mouth to take the impression. The set time in the mouth is only 30 seconds which allows for a more comfortable experience for your patient. Kromopan can be used to prepare the following impressions: mobile prostheses removable and fixed prostheses antagonist preliminary models study models Features: The first ever alginate with a chromatic phase indicator: Purple/Pink/White Class-A, type 1 alginate Easy to mix Thixotropic Extra-fast, in-mouth minimum setting time: 30 seconds High accuracy: 0 micron Long dimensional stability: 168 hours Compatible with alginate impression disinfectant Mint flavor Dust free Storing Impressions taken with Kromopan will remain dimensionally stable for 168 hours if stored in a Safe-lock Bag without adding water, wet paper or wet cotton. When necessary, Kromopan's working time can be extended with Personal Krono liquid. The liquid does not change Kromopan's physical properties or the in-mouth minimum setting time.

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