Large Ruler 60CM Metal Steel 24' Measure Rule 60Cm 600MM Craft Cutting with Waterproof Cover

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  • LARGE ONE METER RULER 1M METAL Stainless Steel 40" MEASURE Rule 100Cm 1000MM

Professional Grade steel with permanently etched graduations in imperial and metric. High-Quality Steel with waterproof protector cover which makes the ruler long lasting & stay tidy Steel 0 Centimetres OR 24 Inches with the Metallic surface. Centimeters & Millimeters printed on one side. (Speciality mm lines are on both edges which make very easy the measurement.) Inches printed on another side. High-quality Stainless Steel ruler suitable for everything from straight lines to clear cuts, this Ruler is the perfect addition to your stationery kit. At 0 centimeters, planning, drawing and designing are made simple and untroubled some - have confidence in your work with this durable and reliable metal ruler to produce accurate, no-fuss results. Plastic cover back is orange, NOT blue colour. Exactly same but different colour. For urgent delivery, telephone payment and any information please do not hesitate e-mail us or give us call on 0207 OR 077. Unit Horizon Business Centre, Alder Close, Veridon Park, Erith, DA 4AJ ( Min Drive From London Black Wall Tunnel)

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