Lift Magnets

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Homyl 2.5KG 25N Mini Electromagnet Solenoid Suction 24V DC Electromagnet 12 Volt Small Electro Magnet 20x15mm


Silverline 250014 Magnetic Bulk Parts Lifter Capacity, 7 kg


Baoblaze DC 6V 50N Holding Electromagnet Lift Solenoid


NSF Tubular Solenoid 12 Pull


MAG-MATE 315G240 Telescoping Rectangular Glass Inspection Mirror & Pickup Magnet Industrial Magnetics Inc


4 Pieces Magnetic Pick-Up Grabber Tool with LED Light including 10 lb/ 1 lb Pick-Up Rod and Round/Square Inspection Mirror, Telescoping Handle 360 Swivel for Extra Viewing Pickup Dead Angle Zhehao


Silverline 617854 Magnetic Lifting Handle 45 kg Capacity




Toolzone 8Lb Magnetic Extending Pen Pick Up Tool Hi - Vis Handle


BERGEN 5lb Pen Style Extending Magnetic Pick Up Tool B6676


MagiDeal Electric Lifting Magnet Electromagnet Solenoid Lift Holding DC 12V 1000N/100kg


Silverline 151211 Heavy Duty Magnetic Telescopic Pick-Up Tool, 3.6 kg


Magnet Expert® 16mm Black Painted Neodymium Hook Magnet with M4 Hook - 9.7kg Pull (Pack of 1) Magnet Expert® F4ME16BKNH-1


Pen Pick-Up Tool Precision Telescopic Magnetic Retrieval max Lift: 2kg (157mm to 915mm) Unknwon 1533303


MASTER MAGNETICS TV629097 2.65' D Round Base Magnet Standard Plumbing Supply


NSF Tubular Solenoid 12v Pull


Skilled Crafter Strong Magnets for Crafts. 100 in a Box. Grade 5, 20mm x 3mm (13/16'). Round Ferrite / Ceramic Disc Magnet. Best for Art & Craft Projects, Refrigerator, Whiteboard, Bottle Cap, Science 56068972E76DA4A6


Master Magnetics #07217 2.04' D Round Base Magnet


Silverline 106307 Ferrite Magnet 7.2 kg Capacity - Pack of 4


joyliveCY Telescopic Magnetic Pick Up Tool CY-Buity


Alkan Mini Telescopic Magnetic Pick-Up Tool / Bar Magnet / Magnetic Pen / Extendible with Clip and (Scratch Pin / Scriber) Needle for Washing Nozzle, Length 65 cm, Pulling Force 700 g


Rolson Tools 60379 Magnetic Pick Up Tool with LED


MAG-MATE WS301 Compact Multi Angle Magnetic Welding Square with 55 lb Capacity Industrial Magnetics Inc


2Lb Magnetic Extending Pick Up Tool HB246 Toolzone


Displaying 1 to 24 (of 26 products)