LightOff-Airbagmodul 2 Seat Occupancy Seat Sensor Mats LA-001

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  • Fits: 3 series E30, E36, E46 / 5 series E34, E39, E60 / E61 / 6 series E63 / E38, E65 / E66 / Z3 / Z4 / X3 / X5
  • Installed without tools in 5 minutes.
  • Straight from the manufacturer in Poland
  • Check function remains the same.

Repair module for a defective seat cover mat. With this repair module you can repair your seat cover mat in just a few steps. The LightOff airbag module is mounted under the seat instead of the defective seat covering mat. We use the plug. Soldering is not required. After clearing the fault memory, your airbag light goes out immediately.

The advantages at a glance:
Installed in just a few minutes without any tools.
- Buy now.


Suitable for following vehicles:

BMW 3 Series: E30, E3, E4.

BMW 3 Series: E90 (with metal key).

BMW Series: E34, E39.

BMW Series: E0, E (with metal key).

BMW Series: E3.

BMW 7 Series: E3.

BMW Z4, E (with metal key).

BMW Z3, E3.

BMW X3 / X (with metal key).




Customer reviews(2)

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S. B.
8 November 2017
BMW e46 2002 107,000+ miles, with airbag light on = MOT failure in the UK at any reputable garage. Pulled codes for passenger seat occupancy sensor mat and seatbelt tensioner. Getting the mat fixed properly involves upholstery being removed from seat and was in the region of £400 total which for a car this old is just not worth it. Thought I'd give this a try. Easy install, unplug mat and plug in module, turn on car, clear codes, job done! £15!!! Am as surprised as anyone can be but in my experience it worked.
Kemal KURT
6 August 2018
This product is perfect.Hardly recommended.

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