Monoprice 112300 Premium 3D Printer Filament PLA 1.75mm 1Kg/Spool, Silver Monoprice Inc.

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Get outstanding 3D printing results when you use 1.75mm PLA 3D Printer Filament from ! PLA is a good choice for a printing material if you are looking for high accuracy and high resolution. It extrudes at lower temperatures, does not require a heated base, and has a very low shrinkage rate (0.3%). PLA is harder than ABS, but is therefore also a bit more brittle. Additionally, PLA is a plant-based plastic, which means that it is biodegradable and gives off a slightly sweet odor, like roasting corn. This 1 Kg spool features a thickness of 1.75mm ±, with a roundness variation of only 0.03mm. It has a nominal processing temperature of 2° C (4°F). Thickness and roundness factors are laser measured at the factory to ensure accuracy over the entire length of the filament. The negatives of using PLA is that it is vulnerable to degradation from moisture, sunlight, and heat. Additionally, it is more prone to overheating during processing, which can cause dripping and drooping if it gets too hot. Reel Dimensions: Reel Diameter: 195mm (7.8) Hub Diameter: 95mm (3.74) Spindle Diameter: 38mm (1.50) Reel Width: 80mm (3.15)

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