Nuby Octopus Floating Bath Toy, Multi-Colour NûbyTM 6144

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  • Floating Octopus bath toy
  • Includes 3 rings to toss and hook onto tentacles
  • Encourages counting
  • Learn through play

Product Description

Nuby™ Octopus Floating Bath Toy is bright, colourful and fun. The 3 rings are designed to toss and hook onto the tentacles and encourage counting. Nuby have a wide range of Bath Time toys to make bath time fun.

Nuby comes to you from the USA and is one of the World’s Leading Brands in infant feeding, teething and drinking products. Recently launched in the UK Nuby has won numerous prestigious awards including Mother&Baby, Practical Parenting and Prima Baby for Newborn Feeding, Drinking, Teething & Toys which are all independently tried and tested and voted for by parents themselves

Box Contains

1 x Octopus and 3 x rings

Customer reviews(8)

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Mr & Mrs H
29 November 2017
Don't be put off by the fact some reviews say this toy is small...
I bought this for his first birthday, and after some time and practice, this toy has become a favourite come bathtime. He just loves putting the three different sized rings on the floating octopus. It most definitely helped with his hand to eye coordination.
Would definitely recommend this.
The A Team
10 January 2016
We gave this to our son at Christmas (9months old) and he loves it. He likes that the rings are really easy to grip and chew. The octopus floats and makes a great throwing toy. It won't get mouldy inside because it doesn't have a hole, hurrah! Though our daughter is disappointed it doesn't squirt water. The octopus only has 6 legs?
Mrs Moose
2 October 2016
Our 10 month old grandson loves this toy when he's in the bath. It is study and safe. The rings DO NOT present a choking hazard. Easy to clean. Does not attract mould or mildew. I can see that this toy will keep going for sometime, as he grows and changes how he plays with it. He's not at the stage of catching the rings on the tentacles yet.....
10 January 2018
Yes it doesn't have the right number of legs! (thank you fellow customers, I would probably have missed this ad I laughed a lot at your comments). Apart from funny feature, it's a perfect bath toy for little kids. Some have complained that it is not big ... I think it is the good size, I don't want my kid to struggle with a scale 1:1 octopus! And even before being used in the bath, the little rings may be used for teething. I did not put 5 five stars because I found it a bit unclear what it is actually made of; the wrapping clearly states what it does NOT contain (all the trendy things to avoid for babies at the moment) but it was less clear what kind of paint is used etc. But on the other hand it passed all EC and UK conformity tests so ...
4 February 2016
Brilliant bath toy, my one year old loves it. Nice, colourful and tactile. Also it doesn't have a hole in it so horrible scum or mould will form over time which normally happens with these kind of bath toys. The only very small grip is that the rings are quite small for a one year old to get back onto the tentacles and as for an octopus only having six legs, really, who cares, certainly not a one year old :)
David Precious
23 July 2014
Bought this for my son for bathtimes nearly 4 months ago; since then it's been played with nearly every night, and is sill in perfect condition - no paint flaking or anything. Still popular with my boy - if he sees it, he wants it (and usually ends up chewing one of the tentacles!)

It has six tentacles, rather than eight - so it's more of a hexapus.

As well as amusing my son, I find it's good for whipping up bath foam if you hold the head and spin the tentacles back and forth in the water by twisting your wrist - whips up a good lather in no time!
2 November 2017
Very pretty octopus, easy to look after and clean. My baby girl is only 4 months so she doesn't play with it yet but among all floating toys (e.g. ducks) she always catches her eyes on this one. I take the circle, fish and star and give them to her and she can grab those with her little hands, it's very easy for her to grab them, she likes lookig at them and tries to bite them too :) I like this toy so far
Sil Green
6 February 2017
This is great! It floats the right way up, and the 3 rings are slightly different sizes, so they are easier and harder to slip onto the arms. Great both for bathtime and during the day. The plastic is the half-soft type, so all parts, but mostly the rings, are great for a teething toddler to gnaw on.

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