Palmat Tubular Roller Motor to 45 kg Lifting Capacity, Ø 45mm, 60mm SW Ø 45mm

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  • Professional tubular roller motor for easily raising and dropping blinds, shutters, doors or awnings around your home, garage, office or workspace up to 45kg
  • Tubular motor Ø 45mm, octagonal adapters 60mm SW torque 20NM
  • Designed to be quiet and unobtrusive
  • 5 years warranty
  • Instructions included

This tubular motor for shutters is suitable for home, office and commercial use. The motor is extremely quiet, operates smoothly and has been tested for more than 5, 000 motion cycles. The motor is compact and easy to install.

Each roller shutter motor comes with a 5-year warranty and comes with simple instructions in English.

This roller motor has a 45kg lifting capacity however is also available in 5kg or 60kg lifting capacity.

Product Specification:

Control type: Mechanical Limit Switch
Output speed: 7 rpm
Rated torque: 0NM
Nominal voltage: 30v
Nominal Consumption: 03W
Nominal Current:0.84A
Lifting Capacity: 45kg
Running Time: 4 mins
Protection Index: IP44
Total length: 460 mm
Maximum Turns: 7 turn
Net Weight: .3kg

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