Popamazing 7.5’ Fold Aluminum ATV Loading Ramp Lawnmower Motorcycle Truck Loading Ramp Set - 2 Pieces

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Customer reviews(8)
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Load Capacity: 340 Kg/750 Lb (Each Piece)
  • Unfolded Size (Each): Approx. 226 x 29.5 cm/ 89'' x 12'' (LxW)
  • Foldable: Can be folded into a compact size, easy to carry around
  • Practical: Easy to load various motorcycles and dirt bikes with this loading ramp supporting your favorite ride

Customer reviews(8)

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Rodge Dodge
3 September 2018
Using these to load a big petrol mower into an estate car, so well within weight capacity and a lighter weight alternative might have been better. But these are well designed, and the plastic covered fingers at the top help to keep them clear of the rubber seals and plastic rear bumper. The upper section is also slightly curved, to reduce the angle of inclination at the top. They still need careful positioning and a small wooden plank, but I haven't seen any better design. Wouldn't be a problem if using with a trailer. The included adjustable straps are a good idea and important to always use for safety.

Just need to take care when handling, as corners quite sharp.
19 September 2018
Ramps bought to enable me to drive a heavy ride-on mower up a 10" high step from a patio onto the grass. Light weight and therefore easy to lift an put in position. Particularly like the small extensions at the end of the ramps which enable a smooth roll-off. Although light weight they are well made and strong, with no reduction in strength at the hinge points.
Phillip Roy
16 August 2018
Great lightweight ramps.
wish that you could make them fold into three sections to be-able to fold them smaller.
6 August 2018
A must have for your van brilliant
J A F Hayman
22 September 2018
Robust construction but suitable only if wearing industrial gloves.
20 October 2018
Good quality
14 November 2018
Good value,solid construction,prompt delivery.
6 November 2018
Excellent quality solid ramp

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