PowerFast International USB Charger Kit CF41LS

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Configuration:2017 release

  • 9W, 1.8A International charging solution for all micro-USB Kindle e-readers, Fire tablets and Fire phone, as well as Android tablets, phablets and smartphones
  • Power adaptor travel kit includes easy twist-on, twist-off heads for use in the UK, Europe, North America, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and China
  • Twist-on design allows for four different cable positions to conserve space on power strips and outlets
  • Automatic voltage and frequency adjustment
  • Includes 1.5 m micro-USB to USB charging cable

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Configuration: 2017 release
Test Product - Not for retail sale

Customer reviews(219)

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16 April 2014
I travel a fair bit with work and wanted to get a dedicated charging kit for travel as oppose to owning countless multi adaptors

As every item I have bought for the Kindle from Amazon it has been excellent quality and great to use

I don't need all the plugs that come with it so usually carry one or two which has worked well and this item charges my Kindle well

It does seem slightly expensive for what it is but I really like it and would recommend it to anyone considering one
Aljazž Turk
23 July 2013
The Kindle Fire HD requires a lot of current, and this charger delivers up to 1.8 Amps, which does for a very rapid charging. Plus it can be used in any country you might travel to. What else can one wish for? :D
27 November 2015
It's always good to recieve something that's in a lovely box. First impressions are lasting, and so I unpacked my charger and its adaptors from its tasteful and splendid packaging with great anticipation.

Not disappointed. It all feels solid and professional, the casings are wonderfully tough and shiny, like a Steinway piano, or a bakelite telephone... what's this? Someone actually cares about how a charger and adaptor looks and feels?

The charger is fast. I'd love it to be more compact, but I guess it needs the size to provide the juice. The adaptors click on with a reassuring 'thunk' - and - here's the genius - you can attach them in any of four directions, meaning that you can orient your usb cable to suit any unfeasibly silly hotel room mains socket placement (like, half a centimetre above the desk/bedside table, etc), by placing the usb output on the top, side, or bottom. It's a simple twist and click.

Not the cheapest of options, but this is something that is well conceived, well designed and well manufactured, and therefore worth the extra expense.
I. M. Gray
14 March 2013
he kit contains chargers that can be used all over the world. They are light and easy to pack and they are clearly marked for their country of use
1 May 2015
Good set of kit for travelling though not very fast at charging my Kindle HD Fire - certainly a great deal slower than the fixed charger that came with the tablet - takes nearly 3 x as long so I'd recommend allowing plenty of time or overnight. Tested in UK and Europe ....
1 July 2013
Perfect for what I needed it for, meant I didn't need to bring my laptop away with me, just chose the adapters I needed and it charged in a fraction of the time, Easily recommend it to others.
6 October 2016
Bought this for my wife, to charge her kindle when we are on holiday, so far she has used in the Caribbean with no problems.
We will be visiting Europe in a few weeks, it is very practical as she also uses to charge her phone.
does what it says.
29 April 2016
This is a kit worth having if you love to travel and is also handy as a permanent plug location for charging any appliances with USB connections when at home. Neatly boxed, ready to go, a value for money "must have'.

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