PVC Diesel Fuel Gasoline Oil Trigger Nozzle Hose Dispenser Anticorrosion unbekannt

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  • Inside diameter :18mm / 0.71inch
  • Product size: nozzle size: Outside diameter : 20mm/0.79inch
  • Material: plastic
  • Height : 17.5cm/6.89inch
  • Length of gun body : 37.5cm/29.53inch

Product description
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- Chemical plastic refueling Nozzlemethanol ethanol alcohol alcohol sulfuric acid chemical corrosion resistant refueling Nozzle.
- Made of S304 stainless steel, the size of the nozzle is: 20mm outside diameter and 18mm inside diameter.
- inner diameter of the 6-point tail joint is 16mm and the inner diameter of the 1-inch joint is 19mm.
- There is an inverted chute to ensure the safety in use.
- You don't have to worry about safety issues in the event of dragging, pulling, and pulling.


- Material: plastic
- Product size: nozzle size: Outside diameter : 20mm/0.79inch
- Inside diameter :18mm / 0.71inch
- Length of body : 37.5cm/29.53inch
- Height : 17.5cm/6.89inch

Package Includes:

1 Piece PVC Diesel Oil Trigger Nozzle

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