Q-BAIHE 24V Mini Plastic Gear Pump Self-Sucking Water Pump (0-100 degrees Celsius) ZC-A210 ZC-A210-24V/EU

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  • Rated voltage: 24V
  • Fluids: water only!!
  • Mini Plastic Gear Pump Self-Sucking Water Pump

Product description

Product Description
. Rated voltage: 4V Inlet: 6mm Outlet: 6mm
. Voltage: DC6V-4VDC
3. Zero-load rated current: 0.35A or less
4. Zero-load water capacity: 980cc+/-%
5. Pressure: .7Kg +/-%
6. Rated current with Load: 0.8A ~ .A
7. Rated Water Capacity with Load: 30CC +/-% / min
8. Suction: .0M
9. Noise: 50dB MAX (background noise 30dB, 0.5M or less)
.Fluids: water only!!
. Water temperature: 0 ͍ ~ 0 ͍
. Humidity: 45% ~ 85%
3. Weight: 38g
Warning: cannot continuously work at high temperature.
Design of pumps can be customized according to to user requirements.
x 4V Mini Plastic Gear Pump Self-Sucking Water Pump (0-0͍) ZC-A

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