Real Filament 8719128327662 Real PETG, Spool of 1 kg, 2.85 mm, Opaque White NLPETGSWHITE1000MM300

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  • High quality filaments for high quality prints!
  • Easy as PLA, strong as ABS!
  • Full 1kg spool, approximately 400 meters of filament
  • Perfect roundness and very tight diameter tolerance ± 0.05 mm
  • This filament will work on your printer!

Product description

REAL PET-G (Polyethylene terephthalate) is a strong, water repelling material. The printed objects are known for their astonishing glaze. Material wise we already know PET from the transparent soda bottles. PET- G is gaining a lot of attention and popularity within the D printing community because it offers the easy printing properties of PLA and the durability of with PET-G does not require a heated bed. With PET-G you can print just as quickly as PLA. PET-G has all the user friendly properties as PLA and has the better and stronger properties of ABS. PET-G doesn't cause any strange odour in comparison to printing temperature of PETG lies between 20C and 250C. For small objects no heated bed is required. For larger objects, a heated bed is ideal and should be set up to 60C. The recommended settings are 245C, the higher the temperature the higher the glaze the object gets. All REAL PETG has a magnificent deep colouring. REAL filament applies to all ROHS and REACH certificates. These certificates can be found and downloaded on the manufacturers web page. There is also an MSDS available.

Customer reviews(2)

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16 January 2018
This was my first purchase for PETG. It was a compute punt as it is for all filaments these days.

Absolutely brilliant pints - the first was a name tag. Good print but snapped at the thin end when I applied some force. The second was the boat which came out awesome.

I used a TAZ 5 and using Cura, created a material profile for PETG. My settings are below:

Printing Temp - 245 C
Build Plate Temp - 80 C
Retraction Distance - 3mm
Retraction Speed - 30mm/s
Fan Speed - 50%

The key is the nozzle heating temp and retraction distance. Make sure you lower the temp for the heat bed and turn that fan down. The boat comes nearly perfect and I was able to carefully remove it from the bed but feel that higher heat bed temp will probably make it stick. It printed in a room temp without ventilation with no real odours but not recommended for long term.

I have wasted zero amounts of the the filament so far. Comes packaged nicely with a box outlining the recommended melting points for PETG and heating bed temp recommendation.
Alun M.
8 October 2017
Just wish I'd stop buying it in the wrong size lol.

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