Real Filament 8719128328874 Real PETG, Spool of 1 kg, 1.75 mm, Opaque Blue NLPETGSBLUE1000MM175

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Customer reviews(14)
  • 1.75mm diameter
  • 0.05mm tolerance
  • 95% roundness

Product Description

PET-G (Polyethylene terephthalate) is a very strong, water-repellent material that gives your D-prints a beautiful shine. Most people are already familiar with PET as soda bottles. PET-G filament is rapidly increasing in popularity within the D-print community because it has the easy characteristics of PLA and the strong durability of ABS.

Customer reviews(14)

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Alex S.
12 January 2018
Colour is great.
Spool is wrapped very tidily.
I've just printed 2.5kg of this filament for a CNC Router that I'm building.
In initially I had real problems getting it to stick to the bed in the cold weather, but eventually found the magic combination of PEI bed with Elmer's Purple Glue and everything has gone smoothly since.
I have a stock CR-10, so haven't wanted to go above 235-degree nozzle, but it's been fine with that and 80-degree bed.
I get a few blobs and strings, but they clean off easily and that could be due to the lowish temp nozzle.

Very happy.
8 March 2018
I've had more blockages with this filament that any others I've tried, including the black filament from the same company. It's OK when it works but it's extremely temperamental and is quite slow to move through the hotend so have had to wind the speed down to have a chance of printing something. Less than 50% of prints are successful using this filament.
15 November 2017
Great stuff!!
I have a cr10 and this prints perfectly on it.
Bed temp 80
Nozzle temp 265
Print speed 40.
First layer fill 175%
Not had a bad print with this as long as the bed is level it is perfect every time!!
27 October 2017
Sticks fine on VERY clean glass.
Mr. Alan Lord
22 January 2018
Great Filament. I have been getting great prints from all of the Real Filament PLA and PETG reels I have purchased. It seems very good value money, reliable and good quality.
30 May 2018
Brittle filament..not the best
John macca
16 February 2017
Nice results eventually but can take a bit to get it dialed in setting wise best to do a few small test prints.
7 February 2018
Seems ok , still learning to print wit PETG

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