Rosin Press Bags, 25 Micron Rosin Bags, Rosin Filter Bag by OldPAPA, Reusable Nylon Screen Press Bag- 2'x 4' (50 Pack) Reusable Nylon Screen Press Bag- 2x 4 (50 Pack) Vchoco

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Size Name:120 Micron

  • 100% nylon mesh,food grade and durable.
  • Heat resistant for rosin press (up to 300°F/150°C)
  • Inside out double stitching design helps to prevent breakage and blowouts.
  • 25 Micron rosin bag recommended for squishing dry sift, bubble, dry ice, or other very fine material.
  • Satifaction guaranteed-we offer a way too easy 100% Money Back Guarantee.If you are not happy with the rosin filter bag, we will give you a refund. No questions asked!

rosin filter bags are designed for rosin press.It's a good rosin extraction tool.
Durable, Washable and Reusable Rosin filter bags.
Each bag can hold about 0-2g of given material.
Come already inside out stitching and with mech opening.
Our 2x4 inch design fits most heat plates for your rosin tech.
Our Rosin bags are available in 25 Micron,37 Micron,90 Micron,20 Micron,0 Micron.Ask us about custom size,if you need.
Micron is the size of the hole in the mesh per inch.The higher of the micron number, the cloth hole will be larger.Choose your micron size to determine how to refine your final product.
Package Included: 50 Pcs of Rosin Press Filter Bag.

Customer reviews(1)

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3 July 2018
More than half the bags ripped at the seem but you get what you pay for lol buy cheap buy twice

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