Scholl Deo-Activ Fresh Foot Spray 50ml RECKITT BENCKISER PLC (EDI)

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This product thus care, cleanse the feet ensuring full protection

Customer reviews(8)

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Brian Beard
12 November 2012
I found this product difficult to find on the high street they only seem to stock dreadful sprays that leave your foot covered in a white film or smelling like the inside of an anglican high church. Make no mistake this is a high quality product that works very well indeed with only a slight but not unpleasant perfume suitable for male or female use.
24 May 2013
They do another spray like a deodorant kind and I find that does a much better job because recently now it is summer and I have large feet, I find them feeling like they are boiling in my shows and sweating a lot but the most thing I noticed is the odor so I felt this was needed. Scholl is definitely the make to get though.
5 February 2016
20 February 2014
Gosh, my feet now smell like new thanks to my Scholl deo activ foot spray. great bargain at this price.
Mike H
15 September 2015
Very refreshing after a day's trekking.
23 April 2015
Seems to keep the nasties at bay, as ever.
caroline Milford-Kemp
2 August 2015
Not great
M. C. Knowles
17 September 2014
Works well but it's a small bottle so will run out quickly.

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