Speedbox E-Bike 2 Bosch Pedelec motors with actual speed display including crank puller

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  • Compatible with Bosch Active Line, Performance Line and Performance CX
  • Easy to activate via the walk button (sliding aid)
  • Compatible with Bosch Intuvia, Nyon and Purion Display
  • Of course, the existing support levels as well as access profiles are retained.
  • All kilometres, average and maximum speed display, etc. remain usable.

SpeedBox including crank arm extractor for Bosch is a processor controlled revolutionary module

SpeedBox is activated by short pressing the WALK button, which is placed on the forehead of the control panel. After pressing this button, the control panel is used for the duration of approx. seconds the actual speed 9.9 km/h. This means SpeedBox is activated and the e-bike support is now in operation up to the speed of 99 km/h. After pressing the WALK button again, the actual speed of .5 km/h is shown. This means SpeedBox is disabled and everything works as if it were not there and the support of e-bike now only works up to the speed of 5 km/h.

Mounting for Bosch Active and Performance Line Video:


Mounting for Bosch Performance CX Line:


The SpeedBox must not be operated in the street or in the scope of the German Road Traffic Regulations.

Use is only permitted on private premises or for competition/test purposes.

The entry into service of the SpeedBox is not permitted in the scope of the German Road Traffic Regulations.

The installation of the SpeedBox can lead to the loss of the guarantee of the bicycle.

The use of the SpeedBox is at your own risk and at your own risk.

The manufacturer assumes no liability for damage to objects and/or persons caused by improper use of the product. Easy to install.

IMPORTANT: If error codes appear after the installation of the SpeedBox, it may be that the latest Bosch update for the drive has to be applied to the reseller.

Attention!!!! The range display can be after installation without function

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