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  • Known as air vitamin, nano anions are dissolved in vapour by healthy urn. Through human lung into bloodstream, nano anions can promote human body metabolism and strengthen physiological action. When biosome various functions restore balance with neutralizing continuously-produced active oxygen into water, nano anion can quickly reduce oxide so that biosome natural curability will restore and strengthen. By research, nano anion has effects for seven human body systems and health-care.
  • Fumigating Therapy: Healthy urn can fumigate with boiled aerial fog. Aerial fog will have direct effect on fumigated body parts by fumigating-heating power, which can cause vein expansion, blood circulation promotion and final aim at health care.
  • Between human-body normal cells and bad cells, it can cause different thermal sensitivity. After heated by healthy urn, thermals around human-body normal cells are quickly dispersed by vein expansion and bloodstream acceleration; But without function of dispersing thermals, bad cells will be killed by constant high temperature around themselves.
  • Far Infrared Rays Therapy: Known as life wave, far infrared rays of healthy urn are close to vibration frequency of human body molecules and cause resonance of human-cell molecules. Molecular-friction-heat reaction will cause temperature rising of deep subcutaneous tissue, micro-vein expansion and blood circulation. Far infrared rays therapy of healthy urn can promote endocrine balance, prevent aging, strengthen immunity, skin-detox function, and do adjuvant physiotherapy.
  • Human body has high sensitivity for certain-frequency pulsed magnetic field which is a non-ionizing radiation with high energy. After stimulating human body, pulsed magnetic field therapy of healthy urn has regulating function for blood circulation, facial,detox, endocrine and even the whole body.

Embedded 2200pcs Health-rock gemstone by specific rules, healthy urn manufacturing procedure would go through nine processes, such as mud-mading,carving, firing, moulding, open-air drying, grinding etc.. When temperature inside healthy urn can be to 42-47? by two-in-one regulator putting vapour of steamy-fumigating pot into urn, health-rock gemstone will release a large number of anions and far infrared rays to form an enclosed pulsed magnetic field. With five-in-one therapy combined with anions, far infrared rays, fumigating, hyperthermia, and pulsed magnetic field therapy, healthy urn can cause human body to expel aging wastes and activate cells' activity, which can reduce burdens on kidneys and liver, also can improve absorption function of human circulation system and muscle tissue. As immunology theories, natural curability of human body can strengthen 6 times when body temperature rises 1?, and strengthen 36 times when body temperature rises 2?. So when body temperature rises 1-2? in healthy urn, human body will achieve efficacies, such as unimpeded meridian, five viscera balance, endocrine balance, anti-free radical activity, blood cleaning and so on. Healthy urn can recuperate diseases as below: Opening human body sebaceous glands and dredging the third-expelling channel for deep-layer sweat by far infrared rays, fumigating, hyperthermia, and nuclear magnetic resonance, healthy urn whose detoxifying effect is to 90% can promote metabolism, regulate endocrine, dredge vein. replenish anion, improve immunity and natural curability etc.. Notes: 1. Transport and transport fee depend on actual condition, so please confirm transport and transport fee by mail before ordering. 2. Due to inventory, logistics and so on factor, product delivery time is about 20 - 60 working days, so please confirm exact delivery date by mail before ordering.3. Because traditional handmade product dimension has slight error, we are very grateful for your understanding and support.

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