Valentine gift Facial Skin Tightening Roller Massager - 24k Golden Beauty Bar - T Shape Electric Anti-aging Pulse Skin Care - - Face-lift Firming Electric Vibration Massager HJB-1 Healthy-EU AHGRD001123

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  • It tightens your skin. This is mainly because of stimulated circulation. You're also "training" your face to go a certain way; which is usually opposite the way gravity wants to take it.
  • Face lift, Skin tightening, Skin revitalization: Used with uplifting, super hydrating, anti-oxidant & anti-wrinkle products for better results.
  • Reshape your face contour to reveal a more youthful appearance,Wrinkles and Revitalizes your Skin.T-Shaped head adds mild vibration to push and patting face skin and therapeutic point.Relax facial muscles.
  • Facial massage, fade wrinkles,Dilute black eye,Eliminate excess fat and facial edema.

1, EVEN STRONGER with more powerful vibrations thanks to improved motor
2, The 24K Lift Bar can instantly lifts sagging skin, wrinkles, and rejuvenates your complexion with its industry leading 6,000-7,000 vibrations per minute
3,Coated in 24K Gold it adapts to any skin condition, the Lift Bar delivers powerful and efficient results in just minutes. Also introducing our patent pending Hematite stone embeded on the T-Head that greatly enhances blood circulation and healing properties onto skin disorders. This activates the 2nd function of the Lift Bar called the Acupuncture Nervous Point System , just hold the bar upright and use the narrow point of the T-Head to apply onto pressure points
4,The Hematite is often referred to as the blood stone because of its mystical properties to cleanse, purify, and provides a calm soothing grounded effect
5, By embedding the Hematite into the Lift Bar, in conjunction with the powerful vibrations of the T-head it provides increased blood circulation onto the skin which promotes healing and cleansing of bacterial agents trapped underneath the pores. While the facial massager vibrations firms and tightens the skin, the calm cooling effects of the stone treats a variety of skin disorders.
Attention: The Lift Bar can work in combination with your favorite creams and lotion because it is 200% more effective in massaging onto the skin pores versus your hands. Within minutes you will have firmer skin and prolonged use will enhance your skin complexion and give you a youthful appearance.
Stylish Carrying Bag
Requires 1 x 'AA' battery (not included)

Customer reviews(3)

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8 June 2018
Only used it a couple of times. So far not impressed but will persevere.
25 March 2018
Very useful and beautiful product. Easy to set up with one AA battery and easy to use. I use it everyday now and hope to see the difference very soon. Also, the velvet little bag is really good and useful to store the beauty bar.I love it!I also recommend it!
1 February 2018
What a cute tool, pity invented so late. It almost is able to iron out wrinkles. It must relax the muscles, and then a lot of goodness can be happening in such relaxing state. Relaxing to use and has had an effect on the puffiness below the eye, Excellent product! And it helps smoothing out deep wrinkles.Lovely product, works very well! I have been using it for few days now and I do feel a difference in my skin. It's early days but skin is brighter ,& more toned. Recommend it!

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