X-Ray Film Darkroom, Manual Dental Portable X-Ray Film Portable Processor Developer Darkroom Box for X Ray Ideal Wal front

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  • Made of high quality plastic, corrosion resistance and durable to use.Practice, modern and easy to use.Reliable performance, simple operation, convenient maintenance.
  • The darkroom is small size, can be directly placed on the table.Access for hands, facilitating access to the containers, preventing operator misuse.
  • Manual control of developing and fixing, good contrast of film high resolution and clearer image.Convenient, practical and easy to maintain box.
  • Acrylic removable visor, with great transparency and full of light filtering.No replacement grip, which facilitates cleaning and disinfection.
  • Do not use electricity.There is no risk to the operator.Working temperature should be above 10℃.

The best teeth image can also be obtained by operating under normal light conditions, saving dark box space, can be put everywhere.

Color: White
Size: Approx. 40××22.5cm/5.7××8.9inch
Weight: Approx. 2929g / 0.oz

Package List:
x Dental X-Ray Film Darkroom Box
set  x Accessory

Working temperature should be above 0 .
First, tearing the tooth piece in the dark box, put it in the developer (first cup) and watch it develop at any time until satisfactory effect. Take the tooth piece out in the clear water (second cup) soak for to 2 seconds and immediately put it into fixing solution (third cup) until totally fix. Finally put the tooth piece in clean water to wash and then cool dry.

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